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What Are Card-Linked Offers?

A Card-Linked Offer is an electronic coupon that customers link to their credit or debit cards. You offer the customer a discount and we promote it to them across our partners' high traffic websites and devices like Bing, Outlook, Skype, Xbox, United Airlines, foursquare and others. Here's how it works:
  1. Customers link your offer to their cards.

    The offer is connected to the card itself, so customers don’t need to print a voucher. They aren't charged anything when they link the offer.

  2. Customers visit you to redeem the offer.

    They visit your retail location or website, pay with their linked card, and receive a refund on their bank statement.

  3. We work with your credit card company.

    We handle everything with your credit card processing company: there are no additional fees and nothing you need to do that you aren't already doing. We collect the offer's promotional value from you, along with a marketing fee. So that you don’t have to pay a monthly bill, we collect your credit card information in advance.

  4. Customers come back for more.

    That's it! For ongoing success, you can track your sales in the Merchant Dashboard.


Watch how Card Link Offers works

A deal is a prepaid voucher.

Here's how it works:

  1. Deem markets your deal.

    Your deal appears within the websites, daily emails, and mobile applications of our distribution partners.

  2. Customers purchase it.

    We issue a voucher to the customer for the prepaid deal. The voucher contains a unique number you can use to track redemption at your retail location(s). For online purchases, we issue a redemption code that you provide. We then cut you a check for a portion of each deal we sell.

  3. Customers visit you.

    When customers arrive at your retail location or website to redeem their deals, they hand you their vouchers or enter their redemption codes, and you apply each deal's promotional value at the point of sale.

  4. Customers come back for more.

    That's it! For ongoing success, you can track voucher redemptions and analyze your deal's performance in the Merchant Dashboard.


  • Paper pre-paid voucher
  • Pre-paid Voucher With Galaxy
  • Pre-paid Voucher With Blackberry

Easily manage your campaigns.

Deem will work closely with you to develop a strategy and coordinate your campaigns from beginning to end, across all of our distribution partners. Use our industry knowledge to help you perfect your offers and deals: we’ll even provide ad copy and graphics tailored to your business.

  • Merchant Dashboard

Grow your business with a steady stream of valuable customers.

You want devoted customers who keep coming back—not a flood of bargain hunters who never return. Deem is committed to helping your business grow in a way that fits with your plans and inventory.

We empower you to advertise intelligently: market your innovative card-linked offers and discounted prepaid deals to drive new customers to your business. You are in control: adjust the structure of the offers you provide and effectively build relationships with loyal customers. Determine the number of promotions you sell over time, and avoid being overwhelmed by one-and-done discount seekers.

  • Business Growth

Risk-free advertising.

Pay only for the sales we deliver to you. With our performance-based promotions, there are no upfront costs for leads or ad unit impressions. Our card-linked offers and prepaid deals are instantly cash-flow positive, which makes your involvement a snap.

  • Marketing ROI

Deliver the right offers to the right people.

Customers are already looking for the products and services you offer. We help them find you, by presenting them with the right promotions at the right place and time, across convenient web and mobile apps they already use.

Reach your ideal patrons in relevant situations, such as while booking a trip or using a mobile site to discover local venues. Deem partners with high profile, far-reaching companies like Microsoft and Foursquare so you can zoom in on potential visitors’ locations, profiles, and preferences. The results? Higher sales—and customers who keep coming back.

  • Local Targeted Offer in Browser
    • 53% Off

      Culinary Tour of
      San Francisco for Two

  • Local Mobile Targeted Offer in Galaxy

Smarten up with analytics.

Use our Merchant Dashboard's financial tracking and campaign statistics to measure real-time results, improve campaign performance, and analyze customer purchases after transactions are complete.

Deem gives you valuable customer insights: you'll always know how many customers to expect and how much you've generated in sales.

  • Analytics Dashboard

Don’t just take our word for it.

Salt River Fields

"Deem's staff has been great not only in helping grow and market all of Salt River Fields' festivals, but their customer service has been top shelf as well. We will continue to push our tickets through their impressive collection of subscribers in the Valley for as long as they'll have us."

Event Coordinator

Keena Hair Care

"I was initially skeptical of the type of customers the Deem Network would draw, but after completing my first Deem contract, I've been extremely pleased with their customer service and the quality of customers they have helped my business establish. These are quality, repeat, and now loyal customers! Thank you so much Deem!"


1 on 1 Boxing Fitness

"The students with Deem vouchers are more likely to return to my classes and become full paying customers than any other deal site I work with–and I've worked with them all. These new Deem customers are definitely more likely to become repeat customers at my regular price point and grow to become loyal customers for my business."


Koko Boodakian and Sons

"After signing up with Deem, we were extremely happy that we did. Being a specialty business, we didn't expect much of a response, but we couldn't believe all the new business we got! Our website received a large increase in quality traffic. Sylvia, our account manager, was very personable and answered all of our questions. We highly recommend advertising with Deem!"

Vice President