National-to-Consumer Merchants

Target your perfect customers.

Hike conversion rates and control your distribution with relevant marketing that hits the bull's-eye. Deem enables your national brand to target more specific market segments than other deal sites and reach a customer base that fits your business perfectly.

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For National-to-Consumer Merchants

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Increase conversion with precision targeting.

Customers are already looking for the products and services you offer. We help you find them, by presenting them with the right promotions at the right place and time, across convenient web and mobile apps they already use.

Reach your ideal customers in relevant situations, such as while booking a trip or using a mobile site to discover local venues. Deem partners with high profile, far-reaching companies like Foursquare so you can zoom in on potential visitors’ locations, profiles, and preferences. The results? Higher sales—and customers who keep coming back.

  • Precision Targeting in Browser
    • 30% Off

      at Cedar Coffee

    • 10% Off

      at Pulmo Theater

    • VIP Access

      at the Exploratorium

    • 50% Off

      at Tarboosh Deli

  • Precision Targeting in Galaxy

Control the how, where, and when.

Our tactical precision brings you the customers you really want. Coordinate your campaigns from beginning to end across all of our distribution partners. We'll help you develop and distribute a wide array of flexible promotions. You can easily limit circulation to particular market segments and avoid distributing conflicting promotions to the same regions.

  • National Offer Delivery

Risk-free advertising.

Cost-effectively increase your market share by paying only for the sales we deliver to you. With performance-based marketing, there are no upfront costs for leads or ad unit impressions. Our card-linked offers make the process even easier and more effective for your business, and our prepaid deals are instantly cash-flow positive.

  • Marketing ROI

Easily manage your campaigns.

Deem will work closely with you to develop a strategy and coordinate your campaigns from beginning to end, across all of our distribution partners. We'll even provide ad copy and graphics tailored to your business.

  • Merchant Dashboard

Improve your ROI with analytics.

Use our Merchant Dashboard's financial tracking and campaign statistics to measure real-time results, improve and refine campaign performance, and analyze customers' purchases when they redeem your offers. Deem gives you valuable customer insights: you'll always know how many customers to expect and how much you've generated in sales.

  • Analytics Dashboard

What Are Card-Linked Offers?

Promote your business through the credit and debit cards your customers already use. Here's how it works:
  1. Deem markets your offer.

    Your offer appears within the websites, daily emails, and mobile applications of our distribution partners.

  2. No vouchers or promo codes are required.

    Customers link your offer to their payment cards when they visit our partners' websites or mobile apps. The offer is hosted on the card itself, so customers don't need to pay anything up front or print vouchers.

  3. Customers visit you.

    When customers arrive at your retail location or website to redeem an offer, they pay you the full amount for goods and services, plus taxes and gratuities. No point-of sale process, training, or equipment changes are needed. The offer is redeemed automatically when a customer swipes the payment card at your business. The promotional value is applied as a credit to the customer's account shortly after the purchase.

  4. Customers come back for more.

    We collect the offer's promotional value from you, along with a marketing fee. That's it! For ongoing success, you can track redemptions and analyze your offer's performance in the Merchant Dashboard.


Watch how Card Link Offers works

A deal is a prepaid voucher.

Here's how it works:

  1. Deem markets your deal.

    Your deal appears within the websites, daily emails, and mobile applications of our distribution partners.

  2. Customers purchase it.

    We issue a voucher to the customer for the prepaid deal. The voucher contains a unique number you can use to track redemption at your retail location(s). For online purchases, we issue a redemption code that you provide. We then cut you a check for a portion of each deal we sell.

  3. Customers visit you.

    When customers arrive at your retail location or website to redeem their deals, they hand you their vouchers or enter their redemption codes, and you apply each deal's promotional value at the point of sale.

  4. Customers come back for more.

    That's it! For ongoing success, you can track voucher redemptions and analyze your deal's performance in the Merchant Dashboard.


  • Paper Pre-paid Voucher
  • Pre-paid Voucher in Galaxy
  • Pre-paid Voucher in Blackberry

Don’t just take our word for it.


"We've been working with Deem for over two years now, and have seen continuous improvement in the program. Deem is always eager for new offers and opportunities to promote to their members and turns the promotion around quickly. We enjoy working with them and look forward to continuing to strengthen the program."

National Account Manager


"Working with Deem has been phenomenal. The team spent time understanding our business and our customers which isn't typical of general affiliate partners. The onboarding process was seamless and very professional and the Deem associates were patient and helpful. I look to Deem as a trusted marketing partner."

CEO and Co-founder

Madison and Mulholland

"Working with Deem has been seamless. I am grateful for the opportunity to tap into Deem's expertise and their clients and subscribers. I appreciate the attention to detail and the way the company has been proactive in responding to my needs. I value this relationship and look forward to our mutual successes."


Blanket ID

"The team was a great help in putting together our offer, making sure that it ran smoothly, and was always there to give us updates and answer questions. The response to date has been very busy—a sharp increase in traffic, a slew of orders and some very valuable retail enquiries. We definitely want to repeat the experience!"