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Customers love your brand. With Deem, building brand equity and customer loyalty is a revenue source, not an expense. We provide valuable shopping experiences for your customers and easy money for your business. Deem partners with market leaders in every major industry.

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Maximize revenue, deepen customer engagement.

Monetize your business plan with promotions that complement your brand. Deem delivers an all-in-one platform that adds a powerful commerce layer onto your existing business.

Build customer loyalty by featuring offers and deals that tailor highly desirable, exclusive discounts to your customers. Grow market share by expanding your offerings, and broaden your customer base and reach.

Deem empowers you to generate repeat business by giving your customers meaningful shopping experiences they actually want.

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We source merchants that are tailored to your business.

Our diverse marketplace provides a vast inventory of services and goods from local and national merchants in every conceivable purchase category. We have thousands of existing suppliers available at your disposal. We can use your existing relationships or source new merchants from scratch—it's completely up to you.

Deem provides a truly customizable commerce layer to fit your specifications. We'll work with you to develop promotions that suit your unique business model, marketing strategy, and desired customer base. We'll help you to determine the smartest deployment and distribution strategy to expand your brand.

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Personalized targeting matches buyer to seller.

Engage the exact customers you want—anytime, anywhere. We can get the right promotion to the right person at the right time, heightening your customers' loyalty and your brand equity.

How? First, we crunch the numbers from multiple data sources to define consumer personas. Next, we feed those data sets into our Relevance Engine to associate the ideal buyer with the ideal seller. We then present consumers with offers and deals based on their real-time location, personal preferences, gender, income level, and past purchase behavior, placing promotions directly in their natural paths.

Because we present targeted discounts that are appropriate to the individual, conversion is higher than with traditional advertising and promotions are sought-after and welcomed.

Personalized Targeting

All in one.

We’ve built the entire Commerce-as-a-Service solution so you don’t have to. Take advantage of our vast task force of sales reps, account managers, content creators, customer support, and technical operations. We also offer:

Seamless APIs
Seamless APIs

Easy-to-use APIs for simple, cloud-based product integration.

Merchant Sourcing
Merchant Sourcing

Quick and easy merchant onboarding means you can get started immediately.

Relevant Marketing
Relevant Marketing

Deem's Relevance Engine features laser-focused targeting for precision marketing.

Secure Payments
Secure Payments

Completely reliable payment processing and back-end accounting reconciliation.

Revenue Sharing
Revenue Sharing

Frictionless revenue distribution with merchants and partners.

Total Metrics
Total Metrics

Comprehensive measurement, data reporting and dashboard control.

Flexible customization on any surface.

Our configurable platform pumps transactional offers, deals, and customized constructs into web-enabled surfaces by robust, easy-to-use APIs. You can deliver them in apps, websites, emails, social sites, retail kiosks, gaming devices, ATMs, or anywhere else you can imagine.

If you're looking for a more complete marketplace, Deem's white-label storefront is perfect for displaying and managing multiple dynamic, made-to-order offers in numerous markets. You own the customer's data, their experience, and how your brand interacts with them. We provide the flexible customization and back-end expertise.

With Deem's all-in-one commerce solution, you can monetize your existing business model and deliver innovative, valuable customer experiences as part of your core offerings. Let's get started.

Flexible Customization On Any Surface