Uber for Business with Etta

March 16, 2022

Remember those old friends that you could always depend on to take you to the airport and pick you up when you get back? The friends willing to brave the rush hour traffic to pick you up from the airport? Those kinds of friendships are treasured for a lifetime.

Etta is about to become one of those pals.

Deem recently announced Uber for Business with Etta, the ideal way to keep a work trip easy from start to finish. Uber for Business with Etta gives travelers a way to search for and request a ride to the airport directly from within the Etta booking flow. 

Uber for Business with Etta helps improve adoption for your travel program by streamlining the booking experience. It removes the stress of getting around on the ground. By using Uber for Business with Etta, your travelers can tap into your Uber for Business account to pay for rides. Now they don’t have to pay out of their own funds or expense it later. 

Etta business travel management software on an iPhone displaying Uber ride reservation and map screen.
Etta business travel management software on iPhone displaying Uber ride reservation and map on screen.

As adoption rises, you’ll get full visibility of air, hotel and ground travel requests. With improved insights into traveler activity, you can also optimize your duty of care efforts. So, how does it all work? Let’s take a look at how Uber for Business with Etta is changing the landscape of corporate travel.


One Itinerary

By recording all of a trip’s reservations, including ride requests to and from the airport, Uber for Business with Etta streamlines the entire process. That means your travelers can track all activity through a single itinerary, giving them a quick at-a-glance view of where they’ll be and when.

Low Emission Options

Uber Green offers travelers alternative options in over 1500 cities globally. The program provides hybrid and fully electric vehicles for travelers seeking eco-friendly ways to get around. If you’re in a city that offers the Uber Green program, you’ll be presented with an additional option to request an Uber Green car. The rest of the request process is the same as requesting any other type of ride. It’s as easy as that. 

Reserved Rides

Getting to the airport on time is no joke— travelers need someone they can depend on to help get them there. With Uber Reserve, travelers can get where they need to go. Uber’s new technology helps ensure that pickups are on time, every time — or riders receive up to $50 in Uber Cash.1 Twenty-four hours before a flight, travelers will receive an email and an in-app notification to request a Uber Reserve Ride. Once booked, their ride is guaranteed to arrive within a 15-minute window of the arranged time.²

Etta business travel management software shown on iPhone with Ride Reserved screen displayed.
Etta business travel management software shown on iPhone with Ride Reserved screen displayed.

Aligned Reservations

It’s easy to forget to update your itinerary when a trip changes. When a trip is canceled or modified, Etta will remind travelers to update their ride reservations with the new trip details. 

Enhanced Duty of Care

By linking Etta to your Uber for Business account, you’ll gain full visibility and reporting on traveler activity. A clear view of traveler activity is provided through an intuitive dashboard. And that lets you optimize your duty of care experience by being able to quickly respond to emergencies or provide assistance whenever it’s needed.

When it’s time to fly, give Uber for Business with Etta a try.

¹Uber Black and Black SUV reservations made at least 2 hours in advance are backed by an on-time pickup guarantee. If your ride is late, defined as greater than 5 minutes past the scheduled pickup time, or if the driver does not show up, Uber will give you up to $50 in Uber Cash. You can receive a maximum of 3 credits within 30 days. Uber doesn’t guarantee that a driver will accept your ride request. Your ride is confirmed once you receive your driver details. 

²Wait time varies based on the vehicle option you select.


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