Deem Expense Customer Transition

Everything you need to know about your move to certify expense

Deem is sunsetting its expense solution and migrating current expense customers to Certify starting June 1, 2019.

The transition from Deem Expense to Certify is simple and fast, with easy on boarding for your users and integration with Deem’s Work Fource application. All your travel receipts flow into your new expense instance via TMC parsing for approval and submission. You can find more information on Certify here.

We will continue to maintain Deem’s expense solution and provide our industry-best customer service and support until you have transitioned to your new and upgraded expense platform. We expect to discontinue maintenance at the end of 2020.

If you are using Deem Work Fource, our enterprise level travel booking and management solution, you and your travelers will continue to experience industry best up-time, continuous product enhancements and superior service for your travel program.


Your Upgrade to Certify Expense

Deem Expense customers will receive a free upgrade to Certify’s leading expense solution.

Certify Workflow Wizards:

  • Create an expense report

  • Review an expense report

  • Update problematic expenses in a report

Automatic flags based on:

  • Duplicate expenses

  • Out of policy expenses

  • Missing receipts

  • Personal reimbursable expenses

  • Meal attendees and average cost per attendee per meal

Benefits for Deem customers:

  • Waived implementation fee

  • Price matching for the first 12 months*

  • All corporate card charges automatically and instantly assigned to the user

  • Supports monthly / quarterly / end of period reconciliation reporting

  • Integrates with QuickBooks / QBO

  • Custom data output files for easy accounting system uploads

Certify is PCI compliant and supports direct credit card integration with

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • Discover

New features available via Certify:

  • Capture receipts for real-time OCR / parsing services

  • Users notified in real time of expense policy violations

  • Receipt capture partners include Uber, Lyft, Deem and others

  • Report Executive service automatically generates user expense report based on a personal or company schedule

Certify Administrators

  • Executive Dashboard analytics and KPIs of expense report transactions:

  • Travel and expense analysis

  • Financial oversight and auditing

  • Integration and data feeds

  • System wide reports

Certify Approvers

  • Instantly see receipt images in line with expense for easy review and approval

  • Include additional expense report approvers to any specific report

  • Request additional information for users’ expense items

  • Flag expense item for audit procedures


*Certify will bill for any overages (users or expense reports) depending on customer utilization rates


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can we start our migration?
A: Customers can start migrating to Certify starting June 1, 2019.

Q: What do I need to do, in order to migrate my users?
A: A Certify Customer Success Manager will be in touch

Q: What will happen to my data in Deem Expense?
A: It will no longer be available. You should export your data and save for your records

Q: Will we need to sign a new agreement with Certify?
A: Yes, you will need to sign a new agreement with Certify. Certify’s accounting department will be in touch with more information.

Q: Who will bill us for ongoing service?
A: Certify will bill you at your current pricing terms starting June 1, 2019 for the next 12 months

Q: Will our employees need to login to a new platform?
A: Yes, your employees will receive a Welcome Email from Certify with their first-time login credentials

Q: Can our employees use single sign on for Deem and Certify.
A: As of today, your employees will need to login in to both platforms separately. You can contact your Certify account manager to coordinate for single sign on implementation for your company.

Q: Who do I call for support if we have issues with expenses?
A: Certify customer support. Click here for more information.

Q: How do we transfer our employee profile information to Certify?
A: Your Certify Implementation Specialist will walk you through the process during your migration.

Q: How do I find out more information about Certify’s expense functionality?
A: Visit the Certify website here

Q: How long will the migration from Certify to Deem take once initiated?
A: 4 - 6 weeks, depending on your integration requirements

Q: How will the data migration work?
A: Deem will provide Certify with your users, expense types, custom fields, and policy settings to upload to Certify automatically

Q: How will my employees and I be trained on Certify?
A: Certify hosts weekly live trainings for Admins and End-Users