Foster City, CA - June 22, 2009

Rearden Commerce Delivers Revolutionary Live Amtrak Integration Through The Rearden Personal Assistant™

First Rail Service that Combines Live Inventory with Corporate Rail Policies, Instant Purchasing Capability, and Corporate Discounts – Directly at the Point-of-Purchase

Rearden Commerce, developer of the leading on-demand platform that helps companies buy and manage services online, announced today that, for the first time, business travelers can reserve and purchase Amtrak tickets through its Web-based travel platform. It is the first travel application to allow employees real-time faring and the ability to immediately purchase a train ticket, all after corporate discounts and policies are applied. Rearden Commerce has fully integrated the rail service into the Rearden Personal Assistant, ensuring its customers will have a seamless end-user experience.

"We knew we needed to broaden our reach to the corporate business community, and – working with Rearden Commerce is a great start," said Craig White, Senior Director Travel Industry Sales, Amtrak. "After seeing how smoothly Rearden Commerce's rail service integrated with Amtrak's live inventory, we knew our decision to align with Rearden Commerce was a good one."

"As a TMC located in the mid-Atlantic, where rail travel is in high demand, we need to ensure that our online tools offer Amtrak inventory in order to remain competitive," said George Gadebusch, CIO at World Travel, Inc. "The rail service available in the Rearden Personal Assistant not only provides our customers with access to live Amtrak inventory, it gives us a huge competitive advantage. Rearden Commerce's rail service is excellent, offering very robust search capabilities and the smoothest transactional flow. Additionally, the ability to pick up pre-purchased tickets directly at the Amtrak kiosk is a huge benefit for our customers that other booking tools don't currently offer."

For the first time ever, business travelers have access to live Amtrak train inventory and can purchase their tickets within the Rearden Personal Assistant; a capability that further streamlines the travel and expense management process. By directly connecting to Amtrak through the Rearden Personal Assistant, travelers see the most updated rail inventory, are guided to travel options within their respective company's corporate policy, and can purchase tickets immediately. Travelers also have the ability to see different classes of tickets (i.e., those which fall within their corporate policy and those that do not). Consistent with other services within the Rearden Personal Assistant, a traveler can load preferred rail stations and search for hotels near their destination.

"At Rearden Commerce we go the extra mile when incorporating new services. They need to meet or surpass our high standards already built into the application," said Tony D'Astolfo, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Rearden Commerce. "The addition of the rail service is just another example of Rearden Commerce's dedication to delivering our users a superior travel experience irrespective of what type of travel they choose."

Rearden Commerce continues to be recognized for transforming the travel industry by creating a product – the Rearden Personal Assistant – that broadens the traditional scope of travel management to include other spend categories such as conferencing, dining, shipping, and rail. The Rearden Commerce™ Platform brings increased visibility into spend across multiple categories and leverages real-time data for control over employee habits, including point-of-purchase approvals and comprehensive price comparisons.