Foster City, CA - June 22, 2009

Rearden Commerce Transforms The Business Traveler's Experience With Best-In-Class Technology

The Company Expands its Platform Offering with an Intelligent "Book Again" Capability, a new Personalized Dining Service, and a Groundbreaking Rail Integration

Rearden Commerce, developer of the leading on-demand platform that helps companies buy and manage services online, today announced additional technology services and capabilitiesavailable within the Rearden Personal Assistant™ that create new savings opportunities for businesses and redefine the travel experience for employees. For the first time, travelers will be able to leverage the company's unique "Book Again" technology to rebook previously traveled routes, personalize their dining experience, and purchase Amtrak inventory directly through the Rearden Personal Assistant. Collectively, the new capabilities further increase productivity in the workplace, drive employees to select in-policy services and vendors, and provide a superior corporate and employee experience.

"For the past several years business travelers have been stuck using legacy travel applications that are cumbersome, hard to use and unfortunately lack usability features necessary to drive productivity, end-user adoption and real cost savings," said Tony D'Astolfo, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Rearden Commerce. "Our goal is to transform the business traveler's experience by continuously optimizing the Rearden Personal Assistant with new services, capabilities and features, all while enabling businesses the ability to implement comprehensive spend management programs."

Reduce Booking Time by 75 Percent with Intelligent "Book Again" and "Matching" Technology

The new "Book Again" technology enables frequent travelers to reduce the booking time by up to 75 percent, by reserving and purchasing similar itineraries to those they previously booked, with a single click. Administrative assistants who booked trips for multiple travelers can experience even further productivity gains by simply "cloning" a trip, which can cut time devoted to arranging travel from hours to minutes. Consistent to the experience within the Rearden Personal Assistant, each trip that is cloned will intelligently apply each traveler's personal preferences. For example, if the CEO prefers the aisle, and the VP prefers the window, the Rearden Personal Assistant understands this and will ticket the "cloned" itineraries appropriately.

In addition to the "Book Again" capability, Rearden Commerce also announced a revolutionary "Matching" technology. In the case that a traveler's exact template is no longer available, the Rearden Personal Assistant's unique technical algorithms present a traveler with similar itineraries that still apply corporate discounts and policies. If the Rearden Personal Assistant cannot find an exact match, it will make an intelligent recommendation or provide a traveler with a direct link to the flight search page. The "Book Again" capability also enables travelers to view, side by side, similar itineraries to compare cost differences when booking a similar trip.

Comprehensive Dining Service

Corporate dining comprises seven to nine percent of all travel and entertainment spend, and the average dining per diem continues to rise annually. The dining service within the Rearden Personal Assistant combines a superior end-user experience for finding and making dining reservations, with the ability to apply corporate cost controls and receive company rebates of up to 10 percent from a network of thousands of participating restaurants. With this release, Rearden Commerce adds sophisticated personalization and intelligent search to the service. Employees can indicate cuisines of choice, select price points, designate specific locations or identify favorite restaurants. The Rearden Personal Assistant will then make intelligent recommendations based on preferences indicated, consider company spending policies, and then show the restaurant locations on a map embedded within the service page.

Additionally, travelers can perform any kind of "natural language" search to find places to eat; whether they are craving a certain type of food, are targeting a certain location, or only remember part of a restaurant name. For example, if a traveler would like to dine at an Italian restaurant in a specific neighborhood, they simply need to input the search terms, and the dining service will deliver a filtered list of restaurants in the area, indicating those that are in the preferred restaurant network.

The personalization capabilities augment the in-depth restaurant reviews, the table availability, instant book capabilities, and the location-aware mobile application.

Ground Breaking Rail Capabilities

Rearden Commerce also announced a revolutionary Amtrak integration available through the Rearden Personal Assistant. The new capability is the first U.S. rail offering that marries live inventory, corporate rail policies, instant purchasing capability, and corporate discounts – directly at the point-of-purchase. For more information about the rail service, please click