Foster City, CA - August 22, 2011

Rearden Commerce’s Deem™ Travel Improves Search Functionality For Business And Consumer Travel

Company’s Deem Platform Powers Smart Commerce for Travel Industry

Rearden Commerce, the next-generation eCommerce platform company, today announced Deem™ Travel, as the next evolution of the company’s online corporate travel management platform, which is relied on by thousands of companies worldwide. The Deem Travel smart app equips travelers to quickly search, find and book flights that best meet their requirements, based on who they are, what they like, and what they need for each trip. For business travelers, there’s the added – and important – benefit of recommendations that are compliant with company travel policies.

“Rearden Commerce is making the Web smarter, more meaningful and more relevant for people,” said Patrick Grady, Founder and CEO of Rearden Commerce. “Deem Travel demonstrates the power of the Deem platform to deliver standardized relevance-empowered commerce, encompassing the key attributes needed for smarter business.”

The Deem platform relevance engine considers a user’s preferences, as well as semantic and contextual information – including the traveler’s location, past bookings, organizational responsibilities and personal identifiers – to greatly improve the online booking process. Instead of simply listing the hundreds of flight options that individuals typically see when scouring a search engine for a suitable flight, Rearden leverages statistical modeling to quickly analyze available flight data to find-and-present the best options for each traveler. After the relevance engine sorts through the results to present the top choices for each individual, Deem Travel displays the flight options in a segmented and meaningful way: Fastest Flights, Lowest Cost, Company Value, In-Flight Experience. These categories will evolve as the platform learns more about a traveler’s preferences and requirements.

Most frequent travelers dislike how much time they waste searching multiple websites to find a flight that they want that meets corporate travel policies. According to “The Black-and-Blue World of Online Business Travel,” by Forrester Research, Inc., April 22, 2010, more than 3.7 million people reported that it’s difficult to get the information they need to book travel online. The report also noted that 26 percent of online business travelers believe that travel websites do a poor job of clearly presenting travel choices and trade-offs.

“Online Booking solutions are not designed to think like a traveler – the air search process is very generic and often it involves a keen eye to spot the flight you knew existed. The whole experience can be tedious for the savvy traveler and frustrating for anyone new to booking travel reservations online,” said Gary Brodbeck, IT Director, World Travel, Inc. “Rearden Commerce just changed all of that with its relevance engine. For the first time, our customers will have a product at their fingertips that learns who they are, what they do, and what they prefer. Deem Travel not only personalizes that experience but also builds a level of customer service satisfaction not seen prior in self-service, online booking products. A business professional’s time is valuable. As a TMC that differentiates itself by providing outstanding customer service, World Travel is proud to recommend Deem Travel and its relevance engine to our customers. The product is clearly redefining the online booking experience.”

With Deem Travel, travelers and corporate travel management departments will find it much faster to book any trip. The financial gains are also substantial; because Deem Travel is simple and convenient, employees booking their own travel are more likely to use it for every trip, and take advantage of corporate discounts, instead of going off on their own.

“Our relevance engine isn’t just a data analysis tool; it actually learns from the buyer’s past behaviors and preferences,” said Grady. “This relevance factor is why we believe our marketplace will become the standard for next-generation commerce – connecting people through meaning and personalization.”

Deem Travel’s personalized flight search capability is currently in beta and will be more broadly available for customer deployment by year end. For more information about Deem Travel and its personalized flight capabilities, visit Rearden Commerce at booth 413 at the GBTA Convention 2011 in Denver, CO, August 21-24.