Secaucus, NJ - April 20, 2011

Rearden Commerce Identifies Potential for $70 Million Savings in Annual Distribution Costs for the Ground Transportation Industry

Hires ground transportation industry veteran to help realize those savings

After analyzing the $1 billion ground transportation network reservation business, Global Ground Automation (GGA), a Rearden Commerce company, reported key findings: the industry has the potential to save $70 million annually in distribution costs by automating the nearly seven million network reservations booked each year. The analysis comes from data collected in GGA's Affiliate Connect Network, which is powered by TranspoNet®, GGA's interactive, real-time reservation processing system specifically designed for the ground transportation industry.

"Manual processes are prevalent in the car service industry today, leaving money on the table and the door open to inaccuracies and missed opportunities," said Gregg Tuccillo, President, Global Ground Automation. "Our data speaks for itself – automation drives efficiency and value to the delight of the owners, operators and consumers in the ground transportation value chain."

The only service of its kind in the world today, TranspoNet® enables ground transportation providers to electronically communicate with each other – allowing providers globally to submit reservations to affiliates in other cities and receive reservations from their affiliate network. The TranspoNet® system serves as a cost effective solution for managing an affiliate network, tracking of remote reservations, receiving real-time ground transportation information, billing/account reconciliations and other benefits.

To drive the expansion of the Affiliate Connect Network, GGA has hired former Goldman Sachs ground transportation manager Edward Brodeur. Mr. Brodeur will leverage his 20 years experience managing corporate ground transportation needs and managing car service operations to propel the adoption of real-time, bi-directional reservation processing among car services providers.

"We are thrilled to welcome Ed to the team," continued Mr. Tuccillo. "His unique perspective on the market will serve us well as we work toward our goal of automating the industry."

About Global Ground Automation, Inc. (GGA)

Global Ground Automation (GGA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rearden Commerce, uses vendor-neutral technology to deliver a one-stop, online, real-time, industry-wide reservation and confirmation system for the car and limousine service industry, coupled with advanced back office reservation, dispatch and accounting systems. GGA brings efficiencies, cost savings and reporting to corporate customers and ground transportation providers. For more information, visit