Foster City, CA - June 2, 2011

Rearden Commerce Mischaracterized in Sabre Antitrust Lawsuit

Rearden Commerce, a next-generation eCommerce platform company, today issued a statement to clarify the representation of the company in Sabre's antitrust lawsuit filed against American Airlines.

The lawsuit filed by Sabre on June 1, 2011, in US District Court in the Northern District of Texas, mischaracterized Rearden Commerce, the relationship the company has with American Airlines and the way in which the company interacts with its customers.

Rearden Commerce has not entered into an agreement with American Airlines to source fare content through the AA Direct Connect platform. Rearden Commerce sources content from a variety of partners to ensure its customer experience is best of breed. The company's content agreements provide Rearden Commerce with the ability to develop customer access to content as needed.

Rearden Commerce delivers a comprehensive business solution that is sustainable in the face of industry challenges. The company's business model is built on the fundamental belief that customers are best served when there is transparent access to information. Rearden Commerce's travel products are designed to ensure the traveler is completely informed at the point of purchase, delivering an experience centered on meeting their needs while ensuring that they are compliant with corporate policy.