Foster City, CA - May 22, 2012

Rearden Commerce expands Deem network

New offer content broadens capabilities of the Deem marketplace; broad distribution channel includes Google Offers

Rearden Commerce, creator of the Deem™ commerce platform, today announced the newest capabilities of Deem network, enabling local, national, and commercial merchants to target individuals and businesses with relevant experiences and offers.

Deem network merchants gain access to Deem's massive distribution channels, which include some of the world's leading brands such as Google Offers™, with the potential to reach more than 200 million consumers and 10 million businesses.

“We built Deem network to perfect the relationship between buyer and seller through our Absolute Relevance™ technology,” said Patrick Grady, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Rearden Commerce. “Our goal is to empower merchants through a one-to-one marketplace where merchants can uniquely match their specific business inventory on an ongoing basis to the exact audience needed to build a successful business and maximize their long-term profitability.”

The Deem network empowers merchants to maximize sales and build consumer loyalty with the ability to:

  • Syndicate a variety of promotions including pre-paid deals, real-time card-linked promotional offers and standing discounts for commercial goods and services to the right consumer and business buyers;
  • Increase redemption opportunities by providing the mechanism for merchants to market pre-paid and real-time card-linked offers and discounts;
  • Provide additional distribution for merchant content, leveraging Deem network’s integrated offer inventory management platform that can help each offer find the right audience; and
  • Refine and optimize offers and campaigns using the built-in business intelligence of the Deem network.
  • “Google Offers is focused on helping small businesses grow and succeed. By connecting the right businesses with the right customers at the right time, we can help merchants get noticed and drive more traffic to their storefronts,” said Nitin Mangtani, Group Product Manager, Google Offers. “We're delighted to collaborate with Rearden Commerce and have its merchant partners’ deals available on the Google Offers platform. Together we can help these merchants reach new audiences and continue to grow their customer base.”
  • “The Deem network helped me expand my business,” said John Ater, a San Francisco photographer who offers workshops. “Not only did it help me understand the right target market for my services but it helped me generate repeat business. I would recommend it to any business that wants to improve its marketing.”

    In addition, Deem network empowers offer publishers to select content from multiple sources – including third-party offer providers and networks, and other Deem network partners sourcing proprietary offers.

    Deem network’s marketing content combines the OfferEngine™ technology from Rearden Commerce's 2011 acquisition of, and the commercial merchant cataloging capabilities acquired from its Ketera subsidiary.

    To participate as a merchant in the Deem network, available today, access the Deem Merchant Web page.

    Deem is a leading cloud and mobile commerce company that connects a large and diverse ecosystem of customers, merchants and partners across a one-of-a-kind Commerce-as-a-Service network, enabling them to lower costs, increase revenue and deepen customer loyalty. Deem serves companies from SMBs to the largest Fortune 500 multinationals and counts more than 25,000 business customers, 100,000 merchants and 10 million SKUs across its network. Deem's investors include Hony Capital, Fidelity, PointGuard Ventures, Foundation Partners and Oak Investment Partners.