- July 6, 2016

Deem Software Modernizes Car Service, Giving Corporate Travelers a Trusted, Reliable Alternative to Unregulated Ride-Sharing

Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry.

Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, launched a new line of software tools that make car service more efficient for operators and more convenient for corporate travelers. The new products improve everything from back-office functions to driver communications and ride booking, enabling luxury and black car service companies to compete more effectively with ride-sharing providers.

"Until now, car service companies have been at a disadvantage, slowed by older technologies and practices that made them less nimble and cost-effective," said Deem President and Chief Operating Officer John Rizzo. "Deem Car Service levels the playing field. Our enhanced booking apps make reserving car service simpler and faster than ever. They send more rides to our provider partners, who can now manage them at a much lower cost with our operator software. It's a classic win-win."

For corporate travelers, Deem's new integrated desktop and mobile ride management apps provide the convenience of ride-sharing with the trusted reliability of chauffeured car service. An intuitive, consumer-style interface enables users to easily book, modify, and track rides seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices. The apps provide complete visibility into pricing details, so users can choose and reserve rides with no surprises or hidden charges. The apps integrate with Deem's policy and delegate management tools, giving companies the ability to control costs and enforce policies.

The new desktop and mobile ride management applications are now available as part of Deem's industry-leading Travel Management suite of continually enhanced ground transportation tools, integrated with third-party reservation platforms such as Sabre Red™, GetThere™, native Sabre and Apollo™, Egencia™, and Orbitz for Business™.

For corporate car service providers, Deem is launching Whisk, a new cloud-based SaaS reservation and dispatch management solution built on the recently acquired Whisk platform. The back-office software automates and streamlines processes such as reservation management, dispatching, and ride interactions. Whisk is unique in the industry in its ability to scale from small operators with as few as 10 cars to large companies with fleets of 1000 or more vehicles. Whisk, in turn, integrates directly with Deem Affiliate Connect, the industry's largest affiliate network of car service providers. As a cloud solution, it eliminates the cost of back-office hardware, reduces IT spending and improves operational efficiencies by freeing up headcount to work on revenue-growing activities.