What is Corporate Business Travel Management?

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Corporate business travel management manages all aspects of the travel arrangements for an organization's employees. Contracts with airlines, hotel chains, rental car companies, and other business travel management services are arranged by corporate travel management services. Employees must make business travel arrangements through the travel management department. Larger organizations have corporate travel management systems while smaller companies tend to employ travel agents.

Corporate travel policies are formulated by the organization's travel management group in conjunction with the human resources and finance departments. Travel policies are put in place to ensure employees do not spend excessively during business trips. A recent corporate travel policy benchmarking and insight study revealed that a North American company that spends $1,000,000 each year on airline tickets could have reduced costs by 61% with well-designed mandated travel policies.

Major corporations have an annual budget for travel expenses. It is the corporate travel group's role to ensure the total cost of employee travel does not exceed the annual budget. Some travel groups assign a travel budget to each division of the corporation where department managers are responsible for overseeing travel arrangements for their own employees.

A corporate business travel management service establishes contracts with airlines and hotel chains to ensure employees can find airfare and lodging regardless of where or when they travel for business. Airlines, hotel chains, rental car companies, and other travel services often give significant discounts to organizations when the corporate travel group agrees to conduct a certain amount of business with them over a period of time.

Employees who travel on overnight trips are normally reimbursed for expenses related to meals and necessities. The corporate travel management group conducts research to determine the cost of meals and other services to establish daily expense limits for employees. Companies only reimburse expenses that do not exceed the daily limit.

Some corporate travel management services provide employees with corporate credit cards which enable employees to charge expenses directly to the company rather than submit claims for reimbursement. When annual expenses exceed the stated budget, the corporate travel management service is responsible for ensuring employees change or cancel all travel plans for the remainder of the year.

Travel budgets are reviewed annually by the company's corporate business travel management service and can be modified based on increasing travel prices or the overall state of the business.

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What are the Keys to Successful Corporate Business Travel Management?

When it comes to corporate travel management, most people think cost management is the only factor that matters, but in reality, there are three important aspects organizations need to consider:


The Right Level of Service

Great service creates a travel experience where employees are put in the right place at the right time. Organizations don't necessarily just want the employee to book the cheapest flight. Imagine if an employee booked a cheap flight with multiple layovers that arrived a few minutes prior to an important customer meeting. The employee would obviously feel rushed or tired and most likely not perform at their best. If this was the case, it would have been better for the employee to set up a video conferencing call.



Efficient processes and tools save organizations a significant amount of resources, whether that be time or money. If employees don't have to scour the internet to find the best deals or read up on company travel policies, the time it takes to book a business trip significantly decreases. This allows them to focus on more important items related to their job. Good corporate travel management software or processes save up to 20% in direct travel costs and up to 65% in indirect costs for each travel expense report.


Cost Reduction

The average per diem for business travel is now $325 a day and $1,425 per trip! Is airfare and hotel lodging really that expensive or are your employees splurging on things they shouldn't be? Travel policies integrated into easy to use software help organizations reduce travel costs by ensuring employees aren't exceeding daily travel budgets or booking outside of travel policies.

When it comes to corporate travel management, most corporations are really just looking for efficient processes. They want integrated solutions that operate easily with travel management companies, work with the company's systems (i.e. ERP), and widely used by their employees.

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