Today's Business Traveler: 5 Key Points

What are the 5 key points for modern business travelers? Deem’s ebook, “Special Report for Travel Managers: What the Latest Research Tells Us About Traveler Satisfaction” takes a look at Deem’s sponsored Phocuswright travel study of the preferences and practices of business travelers. It also answers 5 key questions about corporate travel:

  • What motivates travelers to book out of policy?

  • What role does mobile technology play in planning and booking behavior?

  • What role, if any, does loyalty play in the decision-making process?

  • How are travel managers handling duty of care?

  • How does technology impact business travelers’ behavior?

Find out the answers to these 5 questions, plus the specific solutions that Deem offers to address the obstacles faced by travel managers in the self-service environment.

“Business travel has an  opportunity to take the best new technologies and radically overhaul the experience of both travel managers and business travelers. We can create solutions business travelers will enjoy and depend on - and create better participation in corporate travel programs.” - John F. Rizzo, President, Chief Operating Officer, Deem

Deem’s Ebook addresses important corporate travel industry matters: the top 3 reasons travelers violate policy, the importance of the smartphone and mobile app, on-the-go solutions, recommendations and preference data, and much more.

Download Deem’s Ebook today, to learn about business traveler behavior and preferences, travel company policies, and the solutions Deem has to offer the challengers within the industry.

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