Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing – what do these words really mean? And what do they have to do with corporate travel? Deem’s new ebook, “Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence” answers these questions and more. It takes a look at the way AI can give travelers the booking experience they dream of – flights, hotel, ground transportation, and everything else needed all at once.

“Corporate travel should be as simple and effortless as going into a conference room at your office and having a meeting,” says John F. Rizzo, President and CEO of Deem. “When travelers aren’t worried about the logistics of travel, they can focus on the work they’re doing.” 

The ebook goes on to explain what “artificial intelligence” is and how it is being used in various fields, from games and health to transportation and corporate travel.

Deem’s ebook delves into the ways that AI is changing the corporate travel game – everything from identifying preferences and analyzing inventory to feeding the engine of modern business travel. 

Learn how AI benefits TMCs, travel managers, and travelers themselves. Download the free ebook today and dive deep into the world of Deem and new technologies.