Three Ways to Grow Your Travel Program Adoption

Three Ways to Grow Your Travel Program Adoption

Gaining a hundred percent adoption may seem like a daunting task, but you’ve worked hard to implement a customized travel program and roll out Deem Work Fource for your travelers. All you need now is a plan for growing your expertise and engaging your travelers - then you’ll be on your way to hitting that hundred in no time.

Here’s our best advice on how to get started:

Be an Expert

The first step to engaging your travelers, is educating yourself. Fortunately, you’ll find a ton of resources for your expert-bound journey.

1.    Sign up for training. Our star trainers cover everything from the 101 of Deem Work Fource, all the way to admin deep-dives. Contact our team at for the latest schedule.

2.    Opt-in to receive Deem’s release notes – these cover all the new features, enhancements and bug fixes you’ll want to know about. You can subscribe here.

3.    Read the Deem blog.It’s full of useful articles on managing your program, corporate travel trends and important updates about Deem Work Fource.

Join the Team

You can run a successful travel program single-handedly, but it’s always better when you have the support and advice of your peers. That’s why you’ll want to participate in Deem’s community driven programs:

1.   Consider joining Deem’s Leaders Program. You'll gain access to a community of like-minded professionals, networking events and feedback session. You may even find yourself quoted in the top trade publications and featured as a best practitioner. You can sign up here.

2.    Stay connected to the Deem community on Facebookand LinkedIn. You’ll find regular updates, event schedules, discussions and news – right there in your feed for easy access. 

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Talk to your Travelers

The old adage is true: communication is key. That’s why you need to talk to your travelers on a regular basis. This way you can find out where they need help, what they like the most about your program and areas where you can improve. 

1.    Find out what your travelers really want from their travel program and booking tool. There are plenty of free survey tools like Survey Monkey and Typeform that help you create quick survey’s you can use to collect feedback. 

2.    Send regular reminders about helpful features, tips and short cuts they’ll find useful in the tool. Travelers love Deem’s free 24-hour check-in on Southwest Airlines, dynamic Calendar Integration (that adds live travel itineraries right into Outlook and other calendar platforms) and our full-featured mobile app. 


Building a successful and high adoption travel program takes work, but with the right strategy and plan, it’s easier than you may think. Building your expertise, joining the Deem community and talking to your travelers will all make it easier for you to reach that rock-star-travel-manager status.