Defeat the Dark Side of Corporate Travel

This one is for all of you Star Wars fans out there - or those who just want to travel smart. Deem’s “Defeat the Dark Side of Corporate Travel” ebook takes a look at the new travel technology available to create an easier corporate travel booking experience.

As Yoda said, ‘Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.’”

It’s the same with travel: without the balancing power of the Fource, travel managers, travel agents and suppliers also suffer – from lack of visibility, wasted time and money, and a lack of duty of care.”

Deem is using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide a more personalized experience for the consumer.

With products such as Deem Intelligent Attach or the mobile app, Deem provides a fast and easy booking process that users can access anywhere, anytime, with assistance always on call.

Join the Rebel Alliance, not the Dark Side.

Find out how Deem can help corporate travelers book their next trip in a way that will make them feel as if the entire process went by at the speed of light!

Embrace your destiny as the chosen one and “bring balance to The Fource” with the powerful Deem Work Fource platform.

You can download and read our ebook by clicking the button below.