3 Expectations for Travel & Expense Management and how Chrome River fulfills them all

3 Expectations for Travel & Expense Management and how Chrome River fulfills them all

Why you should switch from your current expense management tool to Chrome River

Technology products and services constantly evolve to keep up with the trends as user needs change. Companies that keep up with consumer expectations and changing platforms see dramatic revenue growth and product expansion. 

Now, as demonstrated by social media sites and shared riding services, always-connected is the new consumer expectation and mobile is the new platform. Users expect a solution that is simple, attractive, intuitive, and available across devices. 

Traveler & Expense Management tools are no exception. They are crucial for any modern corporate travel booking process and it’s important for the modern software tools to stay friendly and quick – like Chrome River’s expense management platform. Here’s why Chrome River stays at the top of expense management solutions:

Expectation 1: A T&E tool should simple, intuitive, and available across devices. 

As customers are increasingly relying on mobile devices to get their jobs done, Chrome River can supply the tools that employees enjoy using – because T&E managementshould be enjoyable, and stress-free. Chrome River’s solutions are mobile, have an easily transferrable user interface between devices, and align with the massive trend of on-the-go consumerism. Overall, Chrome River has the ability and tools to increase user satisfaction through the ease and efficiency of using its product. With less time spent on expense reporting, more time can be spent on business. “Manual expense reporting and invoice processing are huge efficiency killers” (Chrome River), therefore automation is key. Chrome River offers a sleek, easily configurable platform that users love. 

Expectation 2: Automated connectivity and configuration flexibility.

With modern on-the-go, high tech trends, visibility at each stage is important. “The big-ticket improvements come from the visibility that automation delivers” (Chrome River). Users should have the ability to control and customize their T&E options and analytics, and with Chrome River’s automatic, visible solutions, they can. 

With ease of user entry to the expense app, travelers can always look at an expense report, no matter the stage of the process. And further than just visibility and automation, users are able to create personal reports to improve their own control and use of the tool. Chrome River lets business flow –an independent and strong tool for an independent and strong user.

Expectation 3: Powerful engine technology architecture and broad platform suite. 

A T&E management tool should last and evolve. Tools are constantly expanding and changing, but it’s also important that they last– that they are built to provide easy solutions for years to come. In Chrome River’s 2019 predictions, 22% wanted increases in mobility, 20% wanted more integrations, and 20% wanted more machine learning and AI. Customers need a product that keeps up with these rapid changes and needs in technology and mobility – a tool that will constantly grow and advance. 

“Chrome River will remain at the forefront of innovation” (Chrome River). No more problematic, flimsy products; something durable, that lasts. Chrome River offers multi-currency, multi-language, and international support; a strong commitment to consumer satisfactions; data integrations to complement the travel booking process; and continuous SaaS innovation. It’s not enough for a tool to be fast and efficient – it must last and stay strong enough to adapt to user needs over long periods of time. Chrome River is built on the latest technologies and offers the most modern approach to T&E management.

Expense management has continued to develop greatly over time, and today, travelers and companies should have the satisfied expectations of an efficient, controllable, and durable product. Leave time for the important things, go Chrome River.

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