Deem’s Vision for the Future of Travel: Watch Now

“We don’t know where your bag is.” 

“You will likely miss your flight… good luck.” 

“You can expect a two hour wait at the taxi stand after your 12-hour flight.” 

Undoubtedly, you’ve experienced one or all of these challenges when traveling. At Deem, we’re working to take the frustration and uncertainty out of business travel – for everyone. Working with our customers and partners we’ve created a vision for the future of travel. How travel should be, not what it is today. Watch Deem’s Future of Travel and see what corporate travel management can look like for you and your travelers. 

Deem’s vision for the future is to make the corporate traveler experience as seamless, comfortable, and easy as possible. Need to split the bill? Ask Siri. Flight cancelled? Deem has already booked you on the next one. Want to share your itinerary? Just hit send. This is what the future of business travel will look like.

Using advanced technology and contextual solutions, Deem will take the minor inconveniences and big frustrations out of business trips. A cancelled flight, a 2 hour-long wait for a taxi, a lost bag, these will no longer be issues for your travelers. Because Deem will be there every step of the way to make sure they can focus on doing their job, not on managing their travel. 

Travel is fundamentally broken… but it doesn’t have to be. Join Deem today and help us create a new future for business travel. 

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