How you can Move from Travel Booking Frustrations to a Seamless Travel Program

“It’s not enough for companies to offer online booking tools – they need to make sure employees know how to use them, and do a better job at keeping up with the digital trends.” – Isaac Carey, Article

A recent Association of Corporate Travel Executives and American Express Global Business Travel report showcases the top reasons corporate travelers shy away from using online booking platforms - even though 81% of companies mandate they to do so. 

It all comes down to bad user experience. 

It’s true, some travelers go off platform for other reasons: some prefer using a travel advisor, others prefer using their favorite consumer tools, and others are determined to find the best deal no matter what, but the majority attribute their reasoning to a bad user experience.

At Deem, we strive to deliver a superior user experience by giving travelers access to the best options and deals, and allowing corporations to control spend and gain visibility. You don’t have to leave your travelers  frustrated with your online booking tool. See how Deem can help you solve even those most difficult challenges of your travel program:

  1. Deem offers a better user experience. 

    • 18% of employees determined bad user experience as the reason for not using an online booking tool. Booking tools often lack the flexibility and guidance to satisfy travelers. At Deem, we offer a better user experience, assisted by our guided Deem + HelpMe feature. Deem Work Fource helps users throughout the entire booking process, offering flexibility and control to book the customized trips that employees need. The Deem tool is optimized for all travelers and remains one of the easiest-to-use corporate booking tools out there.

  2. Deem sources the best content.

    •  In the Skift article, many employees believed that they could find better deals outside of a booking tool. However, Deem sources the best content from providers, including Google ITA search, Southwest Airlines, and others. Deem allows users to find the best deals right through its site, sourcing the top deals in the industry.

  3. Deem can connect to a company’s preferred travel agent.

    •  Deem caters to traveler satisfaction and a highly flexibility by allowing you to connect to your preferred travel agent. 16% of employees prefer booking through travel advisors and by allowing them to connect Deem to a preferred agent, travelers can use Deem to their advantage, receiving a seamless booking experience in return.

  4. Deem gives travelers a consumer platform-like experience. 

    • Deem’s platform, site, and mobile app make booking travel easy, quick, and efficient for any type of traveler. The interface allows users to make edits and additions easily and to pick from the best deals in an efficient manner. An automatic dynamic calendar integration also syncs bookings with the traveler’s calendar, allowing them to stay organized and focused on the business aspect of the trip. Deem’s platform is customized to provide customer satisfactions, visibility, control, and efficiency.

With the integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics, Deem’s tools offer modern, high tech solutions that keep up with all of the digital trends. A good booking tool should offer a seamless user experience, quality content options, and work with a company’s needs and current assets. With Deem’s many features, from step-by-step guidance to connection with travel agents, the tool offers a solution that will take the frustration out of booking corporate travel. Fast, easy, and efficient: a user experience that every traveler will receive when using Deem.