3 Reasons you Should Manage Your Employee Travel

Business travel is one of the largest controllable expenses for a company, but for many small to mid-sized companies the complexity of creating a travel program outweighs the savings benefits. Taking a strategic rather than ad hoc approach, where travel and related entertainment activity is planned and measured, can create significant efficiencies and cost savings – but it does take some work to implement.

Here are three reasons to justify managing your travel:

Reason #1: You save money 

 Business trips cost a lot of money. According to Phocuswright, employees spent on average more than $4000 per trip. This means your total travel spend each year really adds up. Shouldn’t you be using a corporate booking tool that helps you trim down that cost?


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For example, Deem saved its customers $33 million in airfare alone last year. On average our customers pay $11 less per airfare when booking inside Deem. (If you want to see how much you can save, check out this handy calculator here.) And that’s just the airfare savings. There’s also the money you save giving employees back the time it takes to book their travel using consumer sites or other corporate booking tools like Concur and GetThere (which times tests show to be whole minutes slower per booking than Deem). That doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but if you save every employee five minutes per booking, every time they book, that adds up. 


Reason #2. Your employees will thank you

No doubt you’ve heard the grumbling that comes from employees when forced to use a new tool. Many business travelers, especially unmanaged ones, are quite happy booking their flights on Expedia or their hotels on Booking.com. What they don’t realize is they’re wasting their time and spending much more than they need to for their trips. 

Integrating your flight, hotel and ground transportation booking and management onto a single platform means they can book each part of their trip seamlessly, they can access all their itineraries from a single platform on all their devices and submitting their expenses is faster and easier. 

Reason #3: You save time

Sure, it takes 30 seconds for your employees to access the marriot.com site and there’s no admin for you or the finance department, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best platform to book travel. When you implement a business travel online booking tool like Deem (or one of the others like SAP Concur or GetThere), your employees get access to features you won’t find on consumer sites. Take Deem Emerging for example. You can set up a customized site, invite your travelers, define your travel policy in less than 10 minutes. This means you save time in the long run – you won’t have to chase travel receipts, or spend time trying to find an employee who’s on the road. You have access to all the information right inside Deem Emerging.

There are many more reasons to implement a travel program with an online booking tool, but we think these are the most important ones to consider when getting started with your own managed travel program.

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