6 Reasons you Should Consider Using a Travel Management Company

We live in a world of instantaneous knowledge and immediate solutions. Travelers can book hotels, browse flight schedules and summon a ride with their smart phone. Today’s employees are savvy and self-sufficient travel planners. So why do you need a travel management company (TMC) in today’s connected world anyway? 

On the surface, online travel booking seems easy and efficient. A simple search and just a few clicks before travelers have their ideal itinerary stored in their profile.  But when diving a bit deeper and considering management, duty of care, and overall profitability, TMCs can offer support and advice that paired with Deem’s online travel booking tool, can improve your overall travel program in ways you might not have considered.

How corporate travel management companies can help:

1.     Around the clock support. What happens when your traveler’s flight is cancelled, or they lose their bags? TMCs and their support teams provide immediate assistance when they need it most.

2.     Manage unused airline tickets. Did you know that on average 10 percent of a company’s airline tickets go unused each year? That can add up fast. Deem Work Fource automatically tracks these unused tickets and presents them for exchange when your travelers book their next trip. In the case of a complex trip, a travel agent can help with the transaction. 

4.    Help you create your corporate travel policy. TMCs know the ins and outs of travel policies and what is recommended, so you can focus on running your business. Do you know if your interns are flying first class, while you sit in coach? A TMC can manage any inconsistencies that will save you big bucks in the end.

5.    Provide duty of care support. In the event of an emergency, do you know where your travelers are? Online travel companies can get your employees where they need to be, but who’s managing their safety once they are there? A dedicated travel agent can help you location your travelers when you need to reach them.

6.    Negotiate air, hotel, and car rental contracts. TMCs can help provide industry benchmarks for negotiated rates and especially the larger TMCs will provide negotiating clout when it comes time to lock in your supplier rates. Check out Deem’s Ground Work for TMCs.

While you and your travelers can certainly manage your travel using a consumer site or the Deem Work Fource platform alone, there are distinct advantages for working with a dedicated TMCs – most importantly – it gives you time back to work on your business and not on the tedious details of your travel program.  

If you need more reasons check out the GBTA blog post: Top 5 TMC Questions Asked and Answered.