How to Save Time and Money with a Corporate Travel Booking Tool

What exactly are corporate travel booking tools? These platforms - otherwise known as online booking tools - are digital solutions companies use to manage their corporate travel needs. 

If you’re a growing company it might be time to move your employees away from consumer sites like Expedia and, and onto a platform that allows you more control over your travel spend. 

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether or not to use a corporate travel booking tool. 

  • It provides a centralized platform. Implementing a corporate travel solution like Deem allows you to plan, manage, and support your travelers from a single platform. 

  • Travel policy compliance. Giving employees access to policy compliant choices increases your overall travel savings. 

  • Direct savings. When travelers book online you reduce your travel agency workload – and your fees

  • Indirect savings. Deem Work Fource reminds travelers to book in advance, which allows them to take advantage of lower fares, while still complying with company travel policy.

  • Increasing employee productivity.Booking travel can be a time-consuming process, especially if your travelers are visiting multiple sites and price shopping across the internet. By mandating the use of a single, company approved corporate booking tool, you save your employees the hassle of cobbling their trips together from a variety of sources. 

  • Travel spend analysis. One of the key benefits is convenient and cost-effective business travel reporting. Collecting and analyzing data from trips helps companies study employee bookings, detect trends, minimize costs, and find potential supplier partnerships.

If you’re ready to implement a managed travel program, take a look at Deem Emerging. This self-service platform takes 5 minutes to set up and gives your employees access to a streamlined user experience, preferred rates and power policy controls. 

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