Enterprise Features and 100% Uptime - It's not a Fantasy

Here at Deem we work hard on providing enterprise level features and functionality for our customers and partners.

Not only do we offer Southwest flights, travelers get free 24-hour check-in (which pretty much guarantees them A or B placement - no middle seats here!). We integrate seamlessly with work calendars, provide Google ITA search results for better flight options, offer multiple modes of ground transport so your travelers can book everything in one go. Not to mention, we're faster than the others. In time tests, Deem completes full itineraries with flight, hotel and car in less than 3 minutes!

Your travelers have access to a mobile app that not only allows for new bookings but gives them the ability to change their trip while they're on the road. And if they're Facebook users, they can use Messenger to chat with the Deem bot and find out relevant information, like check in times and flight status. 

We could keep going - the list is long - but if you don't have time, you can trust the word of our current customers who tell us how much they love using Deem Work Fource.

Our employees find Deem easier and more reliable than the other OBT. It has minimal down time and actual responsiveness from customer support.
— Jeff Froetschel, Accounting Manager, VeriChek Technical Services

We're proud of our innovation but it doesn't stop at features. We invest heavily in our technology infrastructure. We have the smartest team in travel working on our processing speed, stability and security. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at the dashboards below. The first one belongs to our Competitor. 

Our competitor service status dashboard

Our competitor service status dashboard

Now take a look at Deem's service status. You'll see this pretty much every time you check the dashboard:


We believe building the best travel experience is hard work and we're committed to providing the outcomes of that hard work to every customer and partner in the industry. 

Not a customer yet? Then you should talk to our customer success team and you'll see that switching is worth it.