The Top 3 Reasons Deem Beats the Competition

A Corporate Booking Solution for The Future

There are a lot of options when it comes to booking corporate travel these days. Travelers can use consumer tools like Expedia or Some companies sign their employees up for TripActions or Upside, or a more robust platform, like Concur or GetThere. Each of these solutions have their benefits, but none of them pair user experience, stability and speed with enterprise level functionality - like Deem. 

Here are just three reasons Deem beats the competition when it comes to booking and managing corporate travel (although there are many more we could list!)

1.    Deem Work Fource is efficient

Deem Work Fource makes it simple and efficient for travelers to book air, hotel and car in a streamlined fashion. Compare that to some non-Deem platforms: if a traveler wants to make a change to their hotel in the middle of a booking, they have no choice but to start the entire search over from the beginning. With Deem, travelers can change hotels in the middle of their search, with a single click. They can add car service or car rental with only a few clicks. There’s no starting over, no wasted time. They can adjust their booking on the go and get to the confirmation page in just two minutes. Learn more about Deem Work Fource.

2.    Deem Work Fource is fast

Unlike Deem’s competitor platforms, where search results can take as long as 22 seconds to load, Deem Work Fource loads results in just six seconds. That might not seem like much - but if you consider that travelers made more than three million searches on Deem Work Fource last year - that starts to add up! All this time we save travelers, is more time they can spend getting down to business, instead of struggling to book their trips. This means hours saved for your company and improved productivity for your employees.

3.    Deem is flexible

Deem knows what it’s like for frequent road warriors. They aren’t chained to their desktop computer and they need a fully-functional mobile app when they’re traveling for work. The Deem mobile app allows them to make changes to existing trips, book entirely new ones and keeps them on track with all the relevant information in one easy-to-find location. Many of Deem’s customers don’t even offer a mobile app, let alone one that allows changes or bookings.  

There are many more reasons Deem is a great solution for your travelers. Take our free 24-hour Southwest Airlines auto check-in (a $30 savings per trip!) or our traveler calendar integration (traveler will never miss a flight or meeting again). Deem’s Automatic Ticket Exchange saves companies $33 million in aggregate a year on fees and lost tickets. We offer better and cheaper fares through Google ITA search. 

The product and technical teams at Deem spend countless hours on usability and customer input, days and weeks on infrastructure upgrades, months and years on product design – and these efforts all translate into a lighting fast booking tool, with dynamic and seamless features you and your travelers will actually want to use.  

Contact us today and see how Deem Work Fource can help you save time and money – and make your travelers’ lives easier. 

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