Corporate Travel Management

We at Deem always view our travelers as employees. Also, that means we keep them captivated, productive, and safe in direct alignment with our organization’s policy. Our corporate business travel services are available in a variety of formats. Deem takes the digital experience of corporate travelers to the next level. Rest assured, our technology is swift and embedded in our corporate travel management that works wonders for people in the business.

Our corporate travel management services are suitable for hotel chains, rental car firms, travel services, and contract with airlines. Employees from any organization can now rely on Deem to make and manage all aspects of their travel arrangements.

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Corporate Travel Management Easier Than Ever

Our travel management service suits the corporate needs of today’s industry. Deem offers a unique answer to all your corporate travel needs. With Deem, the online corporate travel booking service is complete in an instant. Our seamless and integrated platform is of the highest standards in the industry.

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Our Flexible Travel Policy

We at Deem take enforcement of corporate travel policy seriously. We have made sure the accessibility of all our product features and services are at your pleasure. International travelers can expect full support and advanced technological capabilities from us.

The organization’s travel management group through combing HR and finance departments forms our highly flexible travel policies. Deem makes sure that the total cost of employees’ travel goes overboard the annual budget of the company.

Our Connectivity

Deem understands the vitality of corporate travelers who want the completion of tasks in the easiest possible way. Also, that is why we take special care so that you can connect to our smartphone, laptop, or email service for convenient facilitation.

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Avoid Disruption of Plans

Corporate traveling often leads to disruption of valuable plans. Also, therein lies our specialty to provide easy revisable solutions. You can easily choose to keep the original plan or add timely modifications that are more suited to your trip.

Ease of Staying Overnight with Deem

Corporate travelers who want to stay overnight on a trip can expect business-quality hotel room service within a reasonable price range. Our Deem Work Fource enterprise solution can improve your hotel and car service rates. We will also determine the best cost of meals and other relevant expenses for employees to up-keep daily expense limits. Our corporate travel management system compares millions of expense receipts to generate the best accommodations.

For ground transportation, corporate travelers will get to enjoy our car service integrated with modern technology. Which means travelers can now order a chauffeured ride in just one click of a button.

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Our Extensive Risk Management

For a smooth traveling experience, Deem is fully capable of taking care of your legal tasks. We understand how much you need to keep your travel data safe while managing safety and security issues. Meanwhile, you can expect full travel information about any foreseeable event that may affect your experience. 

At Deem, the security parameters are solid. Architectural design and support operations work together to avoid any breach of data security. Confidentiality is of utmost importance for corporate travelers, and that is why we continuously upgrade our systems to deal with threats and comply with regulatory authorities.

Increase Your Return on Investment

Our corporate travel management will increase your return on investment. Deem’s Emerging self-service solution can be configured in minutes to have full access to your traveling needs and recommended tips. 

Our software analyzes complex data for you to negotiate the perfect travel management program suitable for your requirements. Moreover, there is more to it than the eye meets. Collectively, we manage to save $33 million annually on airfare for our clients.

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We Believe in Innovation

Deem is hailed as a leader in corporate travel management. Our experience and expertise grant us the ability to notify you and track new trends changes in the industry. Our prime focus is on making your traveling experience effortless and enjoyable.

Ideas and innovations are constantly changing or overlapping in this new fast-paced travel industry. You can trust us to get the best information about collaborative efforts, top to-do lists, and newly tested technologies.

What’s Special About DEEM?

You can select your destination place and travel dates with Deem’s negotiated rates. We consolidate inventory from all over the world so that you can save time searching for the best deal on the internet. Every single piece of information is right where it needs to be for you. You can check Wi-Fi options, luggage details, and on-time performance in the blink of an eye.

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Compare Branded Airline Fares

Our corporate travel management service allows you to check even the branded airline fares you can’t find on other travel agencies. Similarly, compare the fares to assess the best options that work for you.

Other Added Services

With Deem, you can pin a selective seat before the purchase of your ticket, and we will make it ready for you when you’re good to go. Deem flags your unused ticket so that you’ll know when and where to use it. Our automated system allows corporate travelers to not worry about checking-in after booking the flight.

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Deem’s Dedicated App

Our on the go corporate travelers can use Deem’s app to book to search, book, and manage your travel. You can check flight options, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and car service with the click of just one tap.

Corporate Travel Management FAQs

+ What are the criteria for travelers to get the best fare?

We have access to even the most branded airline fares that the majority of travel agencies don’t offer. This allows you to compare and choose the best possible fares available. If the travel volume of your company is high, you can rely on our service to consult with airline partners. You can instantaneously compare airline fares, reservation systems, and consolidation fees from our dedicated website.

+ How much Return on Investment can I Expect?

We have the track record of saving $33 million on airfare for our clients every year. It's true though – most of the travel management programs offer a significant return on investment through leveraging volumes and securing better fare rates from your vendors. Deem, on the other hand, integrates a specialized software mechanism that allows us to crunch the ocean of travel management data to get the ideal travel management program for you. We provide the best travel program because we invest in your success. To measure and compare how your travel program is doing, we also conduct analytical benchmarking. And apart from developing and optimizing your corporate travel management programs, we negotiate with vendors, use tailored strategic partnerships, and keep you up-to-date regarding the latest travel trends that might have an impact on your travel booking habits.

+ What measures can Deem take to enhance my company’s travel policy and compliance?

We thoroughly analyze your corporate travel policy and understand how it can save costs for business travel plans. In simple terms, we work directly with you and your company to implement the best travel policies and assess potential areas for improvement. You can expect a positive traveling experience due to our reliably accurate and efficient travel booking system that ultimately ensures policy compliance.

+ What is unique about Deem’s positioning?

Deem doesn’t just rely on the economic factors that will benefit corporate travelers, but also takes into account the customs and cultural aspects of traveling. Our global network of travel agencies adheres to decision-making processes and focus on customer’s needs for you and your company. Deem’s vast global network system complements its local strength to stand out as a leader in corporate travel management.

+ What can Deem do to help me reach my company goals?

Sometimes the right answer doesn’t necessarily mean to go bigger. Your sole objective during the search should be to look out for a suitably-sized travel management company that meets your travel program requirements. And Deem has enough experience and knowledge to support and sustain your travel management program.

+ How Deem’s Travel structure is advantageous for my company and me?

We analyze your complex needs with the utmost care and immediately find travel programs that fit your requirements. Our global network encourages a diverse and independent travel program that highlights your image and cultural needs.

+ Can Deem make corporate reports available to me?

We maintain a financial framework for our corporate travelers who book flights, hotels, and ground services. And your company’s travel information is available 24/7 on our servers. The service helps manage your costs instead of facing added expense issues.

+ Does Deem have a designated team?

For efficient and cost-effective travel deals, Deem is fully capable of providing you with a designated team of consultants that can optimize your traveling experience as a whole. There’s a reason why more than 50 thousand companies have chosen Deem. Our self-service travel consulting platform minimizes your expenses and boosts adoption rates.

+ What modern technology Deem deploys to make booking travel easier?

With the help of our globally consolidated inventory, you can select the best deals on our website. Just a few clicks will give you the information regarding Wi-Fi options, on-time performance, and luggage details. You can connect to our smartphone, laptop, and email services for instant access to travel deals. Our easy-to-understand app can help you search for the best travel deals, book flights, and manage flight options. You can even check car rentals, hotel accommodations, and car service via our app. You can enjoy our car service that leverages SaaS technology. That means chauffeurs are just one click away. And many corporate travelers find our automated system useful, where they don’t have to check-in after booking the flight.

+ Why should I use a corporate travel management company?

Employees and companies are often busy. The fact is that you simply don’t have enough time to handle every single travel detail on your own. And that’s when you can use and value corporate travel management. And the decision to choose a CTM would have a long-term positive impact on your company as well as in the lives of employees. A corporate management company can provide you with resources and save you from time-consuming errands that you can utilize on more valuable tasks. The use and need for corporate travel management is more important when you or your company lacks human resources, has little to no industry knowledge, near non-existing analytical reporting, and no emergency plan in place for travelers.

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Why You Should Consider Deem 

For the sake of your company’s growth and success, let a corporate travel expert, like Deem, handle your traveling needs. We are one of the top corporate travel management companies in the world.

Our self-service solution, Deem emerging platform, can be configured in a few minutes to book and manage unlimited trips. 

We use modern technological advancements to make the best travel programs for you. Our easy to navigate app makes booking flights a walk in the park.

Deem makes booking and travel planning seamless. Our round the clock emergency support and global risk management ability ensure your well-being throughout the journey. 

We can save your time and money with a personalized solution like ‘Deem Work Fource.’ It can get you better hotel and car rates, provide updated travel programs, distribution capacity, travel insights, and increase your compliance and adoption rate altogether.