corporate travel

Deem gives business travelers broad access to flights anywhere in the world their business takes them. With Deem flight capabilities it’s easy to book flights, make changes to existing itineraries and ensure all trips meet company policy.

Deem's access to hundreds of top airlines around the world gives business travelers a wide range of options for booking, even at the last minute.

Companies save money, employees save time and more business gets done. All Business. No Trip.


free eary bird checking on southwest

Access to free 24-hour auto check-in on Southwest Airlines, guaranteeing a 90% placement in A + B boarding.


Google’s ITA Search Engine 

Unparalleled air fare search provides more options, in a shorter time frame than GDS-only-based solutions. Dynamic sorting allows travelers to find their preferred option quickly.  


Access to inventory

Access to inventory from more than 700 leading airlines worldwide including major airline providers, low cost carriers, international carriers and content from Travel Fusion.

Branded and Flexible Fares

Travelers can easily view multiple fare categories, airline branded and promotional fares for each flight option, allowing them to compare prices and restrictions, and choose the fare with the best value and convenience.

Notification Engine

 Automatic notification of flight changes and cancellations via text or voicemail.

Automated Ticket Exchange 

A powerful tool that completely automates the use of unused tickets. 


a consumer simple interface 

a modern online booking and management system for desktop and mobile usage which offers content, policy, and approval workflow for travelers, travel managers and travel management companies.

linked cALENDAR

Automatic and dynamic calendar entries are created with every travel booking - accessible online and offline, via mobile, sharable and connected to an address book. Fully integrated with Exchange Server, LDAP, iCal and Google Calendar.