Customer Success Story 




Mahwah, NJ


Chauffeured Transportation




The Challenge

With over 350 fleet vehicles and operations running in cities worldwide, Flyte Tyme’s affiliate network needed a more streamlined farm-out process to help it save time and money. “We had a whole department that was confirming

changes cancellations, new bookings,” said CEO Tim Rose. The affiliate process was made up of a combination of emails, faxes, and some integration with providers who were on the same software system. In short, it was a very limited process.


Complications due to human error – misinterpretations or miscommunications caused us to be on the phone a lot just for one reservation,” remembered Director of Client Services Jason Ramos. “The worst part was [the affiliates] not entering the information properly, which in the long run cost us money because the information was incorrect, the customer got missed, stuff like that.”

The Solution

Flyte Tyme knew that it needed a new solution, and decided to go with Deem’s Affiliate Connect because, as Rose puts it, “We were looking for the most bang for our bunk” and “they had the integration because of Saturn to many of the back office solutions.”

The implementation process “was pretty good, fairly simple, and we were able to get a lot of affiliates who we already had in our network on it,” said Ramos.

The Results

Ramos estimated that Flyte Tyme has saved between 40-80 hours because of Affiliate Connect.

We no longer needed the additional staff to actually reconfirm and manually type in confirmation numbers.” He summed up the company’s experience with the product by saying that they “look forward to everything else that Deem has to offer!

key motivations

Flyte Tyme needed a new solution that would:

  • Save time and effort by automating processes

  • Improve accuracy and reduce

  • human error

  • Simplify on-boarding for new affiliates




After switching to Deem AffiliateConnect, Flyte Tyme has seen:

  • Increased productivity due to a more automated process

  • Faster, more accurate, and safer transmission of customer transportation information

  • Reduced human error and more cost-effective staffing

  • Setup time reduced to about 30 minutes per affiliate

It’s definitely cut down the amount of man hours and streamlined the process.”
— -Tim Rose CEO