Keeping Travelers Safe

Deem & FocusPoint's Crisis Assistance Plus 


While there are many companies that provide travel risk management services, the Crisis Assistance Plus (CAP™) membership from FocusPoint combines travel planning, tracking and physical response. CAP™ is the premier travel risk management programs designed to help companies avoid liability caused by duty of care noncompliance.

Included in the membership:

  • 24/7 Crisis Response Centers staffed with dedicated crisis consultants who provide advice and coordinate immediate worldwide assistance
  • Global response teams dispersed locally in over 125 countries capable of rescuing and evacuating travelers and their family members back to their home of residence from high-risk and remote locations
  • On demand access to the CAP™ Travel Risk Portal before and during a trip for all short-term and annual memberships
  • Low cost membership programs with no additional fees or hidden cost in the fine print
  • Even without a government declared state of emergency, CAP™’s security and evacuation teams are deployed at no additional costs to the member

FocusPoint CAP™ is available within Deem's Work Fource online booking platform. Talk to our sales team today to customize your membership: 

Tel: (415) 590-8300