Deem Intelligent Attach

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Deem Intelligent attach helps corporations and TMCs significantly improve hotel attachment rates (the rates at which employees use company-compliant online booking tools to book hotels for business trips when booking flights).

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Improving attach rates helps companies effectively manage expenses, adhere to policies and maintain duty of care.   

Despite years of investment to improve attach rates, low attach rates of less than 50% continue to be a major stumbling block in corporations’ efforts to rein in business travel costs.

The travel booking process is still based on laborious manual research as employees scour the internet, examine numerous booking options and read reviews in an attempt to find the best hotel, flight or car service.

No longer!


The Future of Predictive Personalization 

Deem's team of travel experts, data scientists and engineers spent thousands of hours working on research, product development, partnerships, user testing and intense data analysis to build the first predictive personalization engine - Deem Intelligent Attach.

Deem Intelligent Attach utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze corporate and agency preferences, past traveler behavior, and employee profiles in addition to 200 million sentiments extracted from more than 60 million traveler reviews across more than 750,000 hotels. The platform then matches corporate travelers with preferred hotels by presenting optimized accommodations from either the GDS or

Benefits of using Intelligent Attach include:

  • Increased hotel conversion rates – initial deployments showed 16% higher hotel conversion rates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced time spent on booking site and lower cart abandonment (3 minutes vs. 45 minutes)
  • Increase in account creation by travelers
  • Access to robust user data
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This personalized booking experience provides travelers with a customized and effortless booking process. They see the preferred corporate, or agency hotels most likely to match their requirements, integrated in the booking flow. This which saves them time and encourages booking within the platform.

Deem Intelligent Attach cuts the average hotel booking time from 45 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

Traveler profiles are created automatically by accessing travelers’ and corporations’ past bookings and using this information to build their profiles. This provides travelers with a frictionless user experience. Profiles can also be created manually if no history exists. Profiles are improved over time using feedback, behavior tracking and machine learning capabilities.