Corporate Travel Software Made Easy

Deem Workfource transforms corporate travel with predictive and personalized solutions designed to streamline every aspect of your journey. Watch the video below to find out how.

You can easily book and manage all your travel needs using Deem

First, select your destination and travel dates. Deem returns a continuous scroll of available flights sorted by company policy, preferred suppliers, and negotiated rates. Deem consolidates inventory from global sources so you don’t need to scour the web for the best deal. You know it’s right here ready for you to select. All of the important information is right where you need it, just hover over the icons for luggage details, wifi-availability, on-time performance, and more. You’ll even see branded airline fares you can’t find on other online travel agencies like Southwest’s “wanna get away” deals. Not sure which fare type is best? Just click on “compare fares” and you’ll see the included benefits by fare type. You can also pin seats as you shop, and they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to purchase. And once the flight is booked, you don’t need to worry about checking in. Deem does it for you automatically. And if you have an unused ticket in the system, Deem will flag it so you know where and when to use it.

book corporate rates at your favorite hotels

Your itinerary details automatically transfer to the hotel search section, so finding a room for your trip is easy! You can browse photos of the accommodations and read recent TripAdvisor reviews before making your choice and selecting your preferred room type. All the information you need to make an informed choice is right in the pop-up window.

Rental car options on the go

If you need a rental car for the trip, Deem matches your airport location. All you need to do is pick the vehicle type and your preferred supplier.

Booking and Managing your corporate travel is simple

When you’re ready to purchase, Deem automatically applies your unused ticket and your flight, meal, and payment preferences. If you prefer a personal pick-up from the airport, you can book car service with just a few clicks. Your itinerary information syncs automatically to your calendar and updates dynamically as you make changes. Email and mobile notifications ensure you’ll never miss that flight or meeting again! If you’re on the go, you can use Deem’s mobile app to search, book, and manage your travel, just like you can from the desktop. Everything you need is just a tap away, including flight options, hotel accommodations, car rental, and car service. You can download the app now from the Apple app store or Google Play.