Deem Open Expense

All Business. No Expense. Deem Open Expense integrates data from any expense platform. Deem Travel transactions flow automatically into the linked expense platform, providing a seamless user experience. Open integration allows for the application of all policy requirements and system settings.


Benefits of Deem Travel integration with a third-party Expense solution

  • Complete travel lifecycle management –search, book and reimburse

  • Seamless travel Itinerary and receipts flow from Deem Travel to third party expense solution

  • Automated creation of an expense report and attach trip details, receipts for approval

  • Notification – email and mobile for each step of the process


Integration workflow

  • User books travel using Deem platform

  • Deem creates an expense item for the travel itinerary in the expense report

  • The travel reservation receipts are attached and assigned to the report

  • User receives a notification (email, SMS) with a link to expense report

  • User is given the option to review and modify or submit it for approval


Pre-requisites for Integration

  • Availability of publicly exposed APIs from third party expense solution to create expense reports, attach receipts and submit reports for approval

  • Ability to query third party expense solution to query for status updates

  • Other alternative forms of data exchange via FTP, email etc.

  • Preferred integration approach utilizes publicly exposed APIs


Setup and Implementation

  • Client provides credentials to access third party expense solution via APIs

  • Deem works with client and expense vendor to setup appropriate privileges to perform required functions - create, update, submit reports

  • Customer authorization allowing Deem to work with third party expense vendor

  • Deem evaluates the effort to integrate and provides appropriate timelines.

  • Pilot period of two weeks for customer to test drive the integration and provide feedback

  • General availability of the integration to client employees upon acceptance