Corporate Car Service

  • Deem corporate car service software and mobile app

Corporate car service has never been easier.

Robust ground transportation tools to save money for your managed travel program. Employees access all of your preferred ground transportation merchants in a single place with your policy and rate preferences, through one online booking tool or mobile app. We also connect your preferences with your travel management company (TMC) to establish your policies in their agent desktop booking tools.

Policy compliance and vendors with your preferred rates.

Deem's robust car service platform enables you to seamlessly connect with your preferred merchants and include your negotiated rates. We are connected with thousands of merchants throughout our network, including affiliates.

Deem will help increase policy compliance and capture ground transportation spend that is currently not being managed. Employees will have access to the same preferred ground transportation merchants without having to pick up the phone to schedule a ride, saving both time and money.

Access to mobile and online booking tools.

Deem's mobile and web-based applications allow your employees to quickly and efficiently make car service bookings across the channels they prefer.

Deem preferred merchant program.

Leverage Deem's purchasing power and network of ground transportation merchants to supplement or be your primary source of pre-approved merchants.

Key capabilities
  • Keep your rates - Book your preferred ground transportation merchants and use the negotiated rates as established by your travel program.
  • Go mobile - Give your employees a mobile application for booking licensed, insured ground transportation.
  • Book online - Rides can be booked in just a few minutes, without a phone call.
  • Book with third parties - Admins can book for executives and VIPs.
  • Find the best rates - Deem Car Service provides travelers with an intuitive rate shopping matrix.
  • Support your existing TMC - Your travelers and content can be managed and booked by your TMC. Deem's agent tools on the GDS provide streamlined booking capabilities for the travel counselors supporting your employees.
  • Integrate with your calendar - Deem Car Service is fully integrated into travelers' calendars.

Benefits for businesses

  • Highlights your preferred ground transportation merchants, which reduces spend.
  • Admins may make reservations for executives and VIPs, freeing up valuable time.
  • Ensures that your duty of care obligations are met.
  • Fully manageable by your TMC.

Benefits for employees

  • World-class convenience, safety, and service.
  • Reliable ground transportation gets you where you need to be. Every time.
  • Online booking system is fast and simple.

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