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Increase policy compliance and boost adoption.

Deem Expense transforms complex company policy and workflow into a streamlined user experience that simplifies and automates the reporting process, achieving better compliance and getting your employees reimbursed faster. Transactions flow directly into Deem's mobile app and company spending policies are enforced from point of purchase to reimbursement, all within a single, user-friendly interface. Enjoy the freedom of managing your expenses anytime and anywhere.

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Key capabilities
  • Leverage ARP - Unlimited Automated Receipt Processing and intelligent transaction matching at no extra cost.
  • Build reports quickly - Drag and drop transactions from credit cards or bank accounts.
  • Increase compliance - Enforce company policies minimizing out-of-policy spend.
  • Improve accuracy - Clean data provides additional financial savings.
  • Report on the go - Hassle-free expense report capabilities on mobile.

Benefits for businesses

  • Automated reporting reduces business costs and time spent.
  • Unlimited automated receipt processing and intelligent matching capabilities at no additional cost.
  • Increase access to data and analytics and improve reporting accuracy with full Deem Travel integration.
  • Reign in out-of-policy spend and ensure your employees are always making the best purchasing decisions.
  • Upload cost segment values for cost allocation such as projects, locations, and customers.

Benefits for employees

  • Automated receipt processing and matching simplifies the expense reporting process.
  • Intuitive, consumer-like user experience on desktop and mobile app takes the hassle out of reporting expenses.
  • Enhanced mobile capabilities make it easy to create and submit expense reports even while on the go.
  • Intelligent matching allows transactions with processed receipts to be automatically matched within the Deem Digital Wallet.
  • Consolidates multiple sources for the same expenditure as a single line item.

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