• Deem Shipping

Save straight from your desktop.

A low ticket, but high volume expense, shipping costs add up over time. Deem keeps shipping quick and simple, while also making it cost-effective. By displaying service options from multiple suppliers from the least to most expensive, users can easily select the most cost effective solution for their delivery needs. Employees print shipping labels and schedule pickups all from the Deem tool and companies are able to ensure the correct suppliers and negotiated rates are leveraged on every shipment. Deem Shipping also saves companies time if supplier changes are ever necessary. Rather than integrating a new supplier system and deploying it across the entire employee base, managers can simply switch suppliers and rates from the backend and employees can continue with business as usual - just don;t forget to change the shipping envelopes in the supply room.

Key capabilities
  • Sort by price - Make it easy for employees to choose the most cost effective option by displaying least to most expensive.
  • Receive alerts - Customize auto-alerts and receive shipment notifications via email, phone or text message.
  • Manage suppliers from back-end - Flexibility to change your shipping supplier without retraining your staff on how to use a new system.
  • Repeat frequent shipments - The system remembers your previous shipments with no need for re-keying.

Benefits for businesses

  • Reign in maverick spend and out-of-policy offenders.
  • Increase employee productivity by letting them schedule shipments online.

Benefits for employees

  • Compare cost effective shipping options, rates and delivery times, easily.
  • Personalized employee preferences autofill details based on office location.

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