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The best expense reports start with compliant travel.

The best way to get a compliant expense report is to start with a compliant travel booking. With Deem Travel & Expense employees get the tools they need to book trips and submit expenses fast, with more flexibility, while their companies get increased control over suppliers, policy compliance and spend management.

Integrated policy drives savings.

Building company policy is simple, but implementation and enforcement can be difficult. Deem takes a consultative approach to companies who need and want to develop their own travel policies. Deem helps in designing and building a policy program that incorporates travel and expense management best practices for each unique company. Policies are then integrated at every step of the travel booking and expense reporting process, saving company money and resources.

User-friendly interface leads to employee adoption and satisfaction.

Deem Travel & Expense simplifies the employee experience with an intuitive, consumer-like interface for rate shopping, buying and expense reporting. Travel and accommodations booked through Deem are automatically routed to the employee’s digital wallet and expense reports autogenerated, making keeping track of accurate expenses easier than ever.

Pre-Trip Approval.

Deem's unique Pre-Trip-Approval and notification workflow provides the flexibility to review 100% of booking but only take action on those that stand out. Eliminate time-consuming manual approvals with intelligent rules that target only the trip types you want to review. Active notifications also ensure both approver and traveler are constantly aware of the trip’s status.

Mobile receipt capture and Automated Receipt Processing.

The classic visualization of an employee submitting expense reports has them hunched over a desk going through a pile of receipts. With Deem Travel & Expense you can leave the receipts behind, simply capture an image of the receipt using the Deem mobile app and Deem’s Automated Receipt Processing combines optical character recognition with human-verification to send a digital copy of the receipt straight to the employee’s digital wallet.

Automated Ticket Exchange.

Deem's Automated Ticket Exchange reduces processing time and provides the highest level of re-pricing accuracy as it automatically recalculates complex fares, taxes and penalties for domestic and international flights — and signals users if lower-cost, in-program fares are available for exchange.

Personalize travel preferences.

Employees can easily personalize Deem Travel to their exact preferences, setting up seat and meal choices on flights and hotel preferences, along with notifications for family members and assistants to keep them informed. They can also add frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty programs and other travel-related programs.

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Key capabilities
  • Go mobile - Get the full power of Deem on your desktop or mobile device; full booking capabilities, create and submit expenses, all on the go.
  • Exchange tickets - Rebook, reuse or refund — Automated Ticket Exchange reduces your unused ticket liability
  • Approve in advance - Unique Pre-Trip Approval and notification workflow saves time and money.
  • Process receipts digitally - Free, unlimited Automated Receipt Processing (OCR-based, human-verified) for receipts captured on mobile devices.
  • Integrate traveler preferences - Speed up the booking process while ensuring complete traveler comfort.
  • Reimburse quickly - Increased compliance means less manual review and faster reimbursement.

Benefits for businesses

  • Easily configure and enforce travel and expense policies with increased policy awareness and employee adoption tracking.
  • Automated reporting reduces business costs and time spent.
  • Increase access to data and analytics and improve reporting accuracy.
  • Rein in out-of-policy spend and ensure your employees are always making the best purchasing decisions.
  • Take advantage of additional financial savings by adding Deem’s negotiated rates with your company’s private rates.

Benefits for employees

  • Intuitive, consumer-like user experience on desktop and mobile app takes the hassle out of booking travel and reporting expenses.
  • Enhanced mobile capabilities make it easy to create and submit expense reports even while on the go.
  • Duplicate previously booked trips, share itineraries with automatic calendar updates, and stay informed with real-time flight status updates on mobile devices via email, voice and text.
  • Make selections based on personal preferences saved in your profile, arrival/departure times and easy-to-read map locations.

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