Deem Launches Facebook Messenger Chatbot Integration to Deem Work Fource Travel Platform  

Users Can Manage Air, Hotel, Car Rental and Dining from Smartphones Using Linked Accounts – Ideal for Millennial and Messenger-Centric Business Travelers

San Francisco, Calif., July 16, 2017 – Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, announced the launch of its Facebook Messenger chatbot interface into Deem Work Fource. Deem Facebook Messenger connects travelers to their corporate Deem Work Fource platform and profile within the Messenger app, accessible on any device, anywhere. The support of Messenger is the first step in Deem’s strategy to put the Work Fource Platform in the hands of business travelers, in messaging and other highly adopted global platforms – so that the online travel booking and in-trip management process is frictionless. 

“We want to make it so easy for travelers to book and manage their travel that the travel management experience disappears into the background,” said John F. Rizzo, President and Chief Operating Officer, Deem. “Providing travelers with travel assistance right inside the platform they’re already using is the perfect way to do that.”

Company and user specific content, policy and preference information – including preferred suppliers, negotiated rates, payment types and loyalty programs – are automatically connected to Deem Facebook Messenger. All the functionality of Messenger, including speech recognition, geolocation services for duty of care, mobile and desktop support are integrated within Deem Work Fource for a best-in-breed corporate travel management platform.

“Traveler behavior is constantly evolving,” said Todd Kaiser, Vice President, Products Deem. “Research shows that people are downloading fewer apps and using messaging platforms more. It makes perfect sense that we focus on delivering the right content and services, at the right time to our travelers in the surfaces they already use.”

Travel management companies (TMC), Cain Travel and Campbell Travel are piloting the new product and expect to rollout the new features to customers in the coming months.

"Deem is helping us to provide relevant, next generation booking and artificial intelligence capabilities that will foster increased program adoption and elevated service levels for our client partners,” said Bill Campbell, Visionary and Partner, Campbell Travel. “Via Messenger, Campbell Travel is now perfectly positioned to embrace the millennial business traveler, who will represent nearly 80% of our clients' workforce."

“We expect the demand for artificial intelligence and chatbot related communication channels to rise among our clientele” said Michael Cain, President, Cain Travel. “Deem’s Facebook Messenger product gives us an early opportunity to serve our clients in a new and innovative way.” 

“We’ve built Deem Facebook Messenger to provide efficiencies to every stakeholder in the corporate travel ecosystem” said Rizzo. “Travelers receive personalized and proactive assistance throughout their journey, travel managers know their travelers are making compliant decisions, travel management companies can now provide seamless self-service options and suppliers know their content is reaching travelers on the devices and apps they interact with every day.” 

Facebook Messenger is the most widely used messaging platform with more than one billion monthly users worldwide. 

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About Deem

The most difficult part of any business trip is too often the trip itself. It shouldn’t be. Deem makes it painless for the traveler to get down to business without distraction, simpler for the travel manager and management company to keep track of all the moving parts, and easier for partners to get the information they need to stay competitive.

The Deem Work Fource platform is designed for the entire business travel ecosystem using machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. Deem’s suite of tools range from a dynamic traveler booking platform, travel manager cost controls, travel agency service technology and supplier revenue opportunities, including the world’s largest car service affiliate network and operator solutions.

Deem’s Work Fource Platform services more than 35,000 corporate customers in 61 countries, speaking 15+ languages - including the world’s largest travel management companies. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Bangalore, India, is backed by leading venture capital funds, as well as corporate and private equity investors.

About Campbell Travel

Campbell Travel has spent 30 years on the forefront of the travel industry. With divisions in corporate travel management and luxury leisure travel, the underlying thread is one of delivering the highest levels of innovation, integrity, and insight. We’ve built a track record of success by not just keeping up with the trends, but looking ahead to what’s coming up on the horizon. We believe in innovative solutions to everyday travel needs. Our approach allows us to deliver the quality and service clients need throughout a lifetime of travel, both for business and pleasure.

About Cain Travel 
Founded in 1985, Cain Travel is the successor company to Viking Travel, established in 1975. Our commitment to our employees, our customers and to continual innovation on their behalf has resulted in a continual record of growth over the past 30+ years. Our human resources policies have been honored by US Presidents (Clinton ‘96) and we have participated in the White House Conference on Corporate Responsibility at Georgetown University.