New Technology Helps Big Apple Car Compete With Ride Sharing

Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology software provider for the business travel industry, announced that its recently-launched Whisk reservation and dispatch management software is already helping traditional car service operators achieve new efficiencies and compete more effectively with upstart ride-sharing services. Early adopter Big Apple Car reports that it has saved more than $130,000 annually and reduced overall fixed costs by 15% using Deem's Whisk technology, which streamlines the reservation and dispatch process.

Diana Clemente, President of Big Apple Car, will speak about the impacts of the technology at this year's Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention taking place in Denver, July 18-20.

"My goal for Big Apple Car is to keep the company independent and growing rapidly," Clemente said. "We can now spend more time and money growing the company, and less on manual processes that old-school software required us to manage. I feel so liberated being on the Whisk platform. We now have a level playing field to compete with the consumer-oriented ride-sharing companies. The Deem platform goes above and beyond anything else that has been developed for this industry."

The Manhattan-based black car company migrated from a 30+ year-old on-premise back office system to the cloud-based Whisk solution. The move to Deem's Whisk technology slashed overall fixed costs by 15%, and the product's Smart Search technology (1 field vs. 15 fields) allows Big Apple dispatchers to know everything about a passenger before he/she asks them anything. The system automates 80% or more of the dispatches.

"It's incredibly important that we bring car service operators into the modern era, making them on-demand ready and enabling them to hold their own against consumer players that have taken a bite out of the taxi market," said Mike Daly, Vice President of Car Service at Deem.

Whisk is a next-generation, cloud-based reservation and dispatch solution for car service operators of all sizes. A fully integrated solution offering full global distribution system (GDS) integration, customer and chauffeur-facing apps, reporting, and an API for interfacing with QuickBooks and other external systems, Whisk is unique in the industry in its ability to scale from small operators with as few as 10 cars to large companies with fleets of 1000 or more vehicles. Whisk integrates directly with Deem Affiliate Connect, the industry's largest affiliate network of car service providers. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, it eliminates the cost of back-office hardware, reduces IT costs, and allows frequent feature updates and enhancements.