Uber for Business and Deem

Improve travel program adoption and gain full visibility on traveler activity through a single itinerary.

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Improve travel program adoption and gain full visibility on traveler activity through a single itinerary.

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Right on time
Watch how Uber for Business and Deem can help travelers streamline booking, while helping travel managers improve duty of care, control spend and more.

Focus on the trip, not the traffic.

Deem is the modern corporate travel platform that offers a full integration with Uber for Business, simplifying how travel administrators can upgrade their entire corporate travel program.

Uber for Business and Deem gives travelers a way to search for and  request a ride in advance or on demand directly from Deem, while providing reminders 24 hours before a trip to make sure they don’t forget to schedule a ride.

With an Uber ride ready to drive your travelers where they need to go, you can improve program adoption rates, help travelers get to the airport on time, and get full visibility into traveler itineraries so you can improve your duty of care efforts.


Uber for Business and Deem


Extensive Ride Options

With options to request rides on demand or up to 90 days in advance, Uber for Business and Deem can provide a ride whenever a traveler needs it.

One Itinerary

Uber for Business and Deem streamlines the booking process by keeping a record of a trip’s reservations in a single itinerary.

Synchronized Schedules

When a trip is canceled or modified, Deem will remind travelers to update their requested ride with Uber Reserve with the new details.

Enhanced Duty of Care

Link Deem to an Uber for Business account to ensure compliant booking while gaining full visibility and reporting on traveler activity.

Suggested Rides

Deem provides travelers with suggested rides based on their itineraries and addresses for their trip.

Improve Compliance

Deem helps travelers manage rides with Uber, flights, hotels and more from a single solution to help improve compliance and reduce off-platform booking.

Uber for Business

Quickly customize your ground travel program, easily integrate with expense providers, and set flexible billing options with Uber for Business.

Eco-friendly Options

Uber Green provides options for hybrid and fully electric vehicles in over 1500 cities around the globe to help with sustainability efforts in ground travel.

Reserved Rides

With Uber Reserve you can schedule rides in advance. Uber’s technology helps ensure that you’re picked up on time for a stress-free ride1. For trips with Uber Reserve from select airports, drivers will wait for up to 60 minutes as a part of the service. See app for availability.

Provide Peace of Mind

Uber's safety technology and Community Guidelines for healthy, respectful, and positive experiences help ensure that travelers feel secure whenever they use Uber.

¹Uber Black and Black SUV reservations made at least 2 hours in advance are backed by an on-time pickup guarantee. If your ride is late, defined as greater than 5 minutes past the scheduled pickup time, or if the driver does not show up, Uber will give you up to $50 in Uber Cash. You can receive a maximum of 3 credits within 30 days. Uber doesn’t guarantee that a driver will accept your ride request. Your ride is confirmed once you receive your driver details. Wait time varies based on the vehicle option you select. Reserve is available in select cities.