Our core values guide the actions we take and the decisions we make. They are the foundation of how we conduct business and the way we interact with others and ourselves. As members of the Deem team, we live these values every day, and we strive to continuously improve at everything we do.

We own it.

We make decisions, spend time, and spend money like it is our own.

We are accountable for our actions and hold others accountable for their actions too—regardless of position, title, level, role, department, or location.

We don't look the other way. We own and drive initiatives. We don't wait. We take immediate action when it's required.

We deliver because we are reliable.

Our stuff works. We deliver with predictability and quality.

We are consistent—and aspire to be consistently great.

We are there for each other and all our constituents.

You can count on us because we do what we say we're going to do.

We are committed in everything we do.

We are all in. When we make a decision, hire a person, or enter into a partnership, we are committed to winning.

We do our homework to build our expertise.

We treat our partners' businesses and customers as if they are our own.

We develop our people.

We are honest so that we are trusted.

We are straightforward and communicate openly and civilly with all constituents.

We tell the truth because anything less is a waste of time.

We deliver good news with grace, and deliver bad news quickly and constructively.

We are objective. We look to data. We want feedback so we can continuously improve.

We collaborate so that we are improving.

We act as one. We are integrated. We are a team.

Our debate is constructive. We welcome ideas and listen. We respect each other.

We seek the best solutions for all stakeholders.

We actively engage and volunteer our ideas and contributions.

We are leaders.

We are pioneers.

We are experts. We provide solutions. Others approach us for answers.

We are intellectually curious. We suspend disbelief and defy the status quo.

We are inventive and creative.

We want to win.

We don't give up. We are relentless. We persevere. We don't fail—we prevail.

We are committed to success. We want quality. We do things that matter.