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3 Expectations for Travel & Expense Management and how Chrome River fulfills them all

Why you should switch from your current expense management tool to Chrome River

Traveler & Expense Management tools are no exception. They are crucial for any modern corporate travel booking process and it’s important for the modern software tools to stay friendly and quick – like Chrome River’s expense management platform. Here’s why Chrome River stays at the top of expense management solutions:

10 Tips on How to Book Corporate Flight Tickets in 2019

Booking flights for traveling employees is one of the core responsibilities of a dedicated corporate travel manager.

To help travel managers understand how to book corporate flight tickets for the lowest price, we're providing ten tips to help you get the best deals on airfare for business travel in 2019.

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IDC Marketscape & Gartner Market Guide Bundle

The T&E enterprise market is moving fast - are you keeping up? In the briefs you'll discover: 
• How digital transformation is fundamentally changing software applications 
• The stratospheric growth of T&E cloud services 
• How Slack, Facebook Messenger and other apps are impacting T&E innovation 

Take a look at the IDC and Gartner reports to learn what areas you should consider when evaluating your travel and expense management solution. Download the two briefs today!

National car and driver

Check out our new National Car and Driver in China.

Traveling in China is filled with challenges - from securing reliable ground transportation to locating local addresses. Complicating travel bookings further - Chinese government regulations require non-Chinese visitors to book rental cars with a native Chinese driver, regardless of their trip duration.

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Deem’s CEO, John F. Rizzo Looks to the Future: Watch Now

Deem’s mission has never wavered: to transform business travel technology. Now, as part of the Enterprise Holdings family Deem can innovate faster and serve our customers better. Deem CEO, John F. Rizzo takes an in-depth look at how Deem’s seamless software has made a major impact on the corporate travel industry, including travel managers, travel agents and their travelers.

DEEM EBOOK: artificial intelligence

How much do you really know about artificial intelligence? Learn how AI, machine learning, and other new technologies are changing the face of corporate travel. Read Deem's free ebook today and expand your technology lingo vocabulary!


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Plano Synergy + Deem Case Study

Take a look at how Plano Synergy is saving time, money, and stress by using Deem's Work Fource Platform. Plano Synergy needed a way to access preferred hotels and flight options as well as manage finances efficiently. With Deem, they were able to direct their employees to smarter, cost-effective options.


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Infor + Deem: online booking & expense management made easy

A CFO's top priority is managing company expenses, which can be frustrating. But what if he or she could enact a suite of cloud and mobile travel software applications that saves money and time, while offering choice? You can. Watch Infor + Deem's webinar on enhanced expense management in today's corporate travel world. + Deem

CFOs control costs and drive revenue growth for their companies. Managing indirect spend and travel costs  is a critical initiative for finance teams today, with implications across the organization. Check out the x Deem webinar to learn better ways to control costs and drive revenue growth.

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News & Press

Deem Expands Open Expense Alliance Program

Deem is expanding its current Open Expense Alliance program and upgrading current expense customers to Certify’s expense solution. Deem Open Expense Alliance partners currently include Appricity, Certify, Chrome River, Expensify, Infor Expense Management, Oracle and others.

“At Deem, our mission is to transform corporate travel,” said John F. Rizzo, CEO, Deem. “This requires a fierce and laser-like focus on building the best travel solutions we can. We are dedicating our attention, teams and resources to solutions that change the way corporations manage their travelers and travel program.”

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Deem to Create 50 Jobs With New Innovation Center in Dublin 

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Deem announced that it will create 50 highly skilled jobs at a new European Innovation Centre in Dublin. Deem’s expansion into Europe is part of a bold growth strategy that will see the company doubling its workforce around the world, including at its headquarters in San Francisco.

With the support of Enterprise Holdings – which has operated the Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand in Ireland for the past 22 years – Deem will hire 50 software engineers for its Dublin Innovation Centre in the coming 12 months, with further expansion in 2020.