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Deem Workfource transforms corporate travel with predictive and personalized solutions designed to streamline every aspect of your journey. Watch the video below to find out how.

You can easily book and manage all your travel needs using Deem

First, select your destination and travel dates. Deem returns a continuous scroll of available flights sorted by company policy, preferred suppliers, and negotiated rates. Deem consolidates inventory from global sources so you don’t need to scour the web for the best deal. You know it’s right here ready for you to select. All of the important information is right where you need it, just hover over the icons for luggage details, wifi-availability, on-time performance, and more. You’ll even see branded airline fares you can’t find on other online travel agencies like Southwest’s “wanna get away” deals. Not sure which fare type is best? Just click on “compare fares” and you’ll see the included benefits by fare type. You can also pin seats as you shop, and they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to purchase. And once the flight is booked, you don’t need to worry about checking in. Deem does it for you automatically. And if you have an unused ticket in the system, Deem will flag it so you know where and when to use it.

book corporate rates at your favorite hotels

Your itinerary details automatically transfer to the hotel search section, so finding a room for your trip is easy! You can browse photos of the accommodations and read recent TripAdvisor reviews before making your choice and selecting your preferred room type. All the information you need to make an informed choice is right in the pop-up window.

Rental car options on the go

If you need a rental car for the trip, Deem matches your airport location. All you need to do is pick the vehicle type and your preferred supplier.

Booking and Managing your corporate travel is simple

When you’re ready to purchase, Deem automatically applies your unused ticket and your flight, meal, and payment preferences. If you prefer a personal pick-up from the airport, you can book car service with just a few clicks. Your itinerary information syncs automatically to your calendar and updates dynamically as you make changes. Email and mobile notifications ensure you’ll never miss that flight or meeting again! If you’re on the go, you can use Deem’s mobile app to search, book, and manage your travel, just like you can from the desktop. Everything you need is just a tap away, including flight options, hotel accommodations, car rental, and car service. You can download the app now from the Apple app store or Google Play.

Deem Work Fource

A suite of travel booking and management tools for the business traveler, travel manager, travel management company and supplier. 

Deem Work Fource for Travel

intelligent attach 

An artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that predicts preferred hotels for travelers based on history, preference, and +200 million real-time sentiment data points.

Deem Facebook Messenger connects travelers to their corporate Deem Work Fource platform and profile within the Messenger app, accessible on any device, anywhere. Deem Facebook Messenger supports the traveler when and where they need it. Learn more.

Facebook messenger


The largest affiliate network for the chauffeured transportation industry, Deem Affiliate Connect membership enables operators to send reservations to and from their affiliates via an electronic, cross-platform reservation exchange network. Learn more.


Connect with travelers through the Deem Work Fource platform. Your content, presented in the booking flow, when travelers are ready to book. 


Access to the worlds largest affiliate of car service operators and all the booking and operation tools you need to connect with travel managers and travelers. 

online booking

A modern online booking and management system for desktop and mobile usage which offers content, policy, and approval workflow for travelers, travel managers and travel management companies

PNR Editor

Designed to create consistency between online and offline Passenger Name Records (PNR) for travel management company back-office, fulfillment and reporting needs. 

Open Expense

A configurable API that connects to any external expense platform such as ChromeRiver, Concur or Expensify.

Proactive Check In

Access to free 24-hour auto check-in on Southwest Airlines, guaranteeing a 90% placement in A + B boarding. 

Preferred Content

Access to unique and discounted content including Alaska Airlines,, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines and SilverRail. 

Universal Content

Localized content across 224 countries, in 15 languages, including low cost carriers and rail. Exclusive access to Google ITA flight search and Southwest Direct Access. 

Preemptive Assistance

A platform that intelligently predicts when travelers need to review travel plans, adjust their bookings and attach hotels or car service. 

Policy Builder

A robust policy engine that’s a snap to use. Supports complex cost control, including interactive pre-trip approval, seamless workflows, dynamic flagging and contextual messaging.

Dynamic Calendar

An automatic and dynamic calendar entries are created with every travel booking - accessible online and offline, via mobile, sharable and connected to an address book.  Fully integrated with Exchange Server, LDAP, iCal and Google Calendar.

Dynamic Messaging

Allows for customizable messaging, based on individuals or groups. Messages can be assigned to content or behavior, such as out of policy bookings and real-time emergency or weather challenges.

Intelligent Meetings

Full integration with meetings platforms, including Cvent. Onboard users through Deem’s single sign on to reduce implementation time and apply customized policies. 


A modern online booking and management system for desktop and mobile usage which offers content, policy, and approval workflow for travelers, travel managers and travel management companies.

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Deem For Canada

Managing business travel can be a frustrating experience for travelers and corporations alike. Travelers want an efficient and personalized booking experience; companies want to increase compliance and adoption. Deem Work Fource provides a dynamic and seamless platform to address those pains - all of it optmized for the specific needs of Canadian travelers.

Productive Integrations

Work Fource for Canada


A suite of travel booking and management tools for the business traveler, travel manager, travel management company and supplier. 

Dynamic Calendar

Dynamic calendar entries for every travel booking. that automatically update with changes and travel disruptions. 

Ground Work Options


10,000+ ground transportation providers and a variety of car service options with direct links to GDS systems.

Other Integrations


Travel Fusion and are just a few of the supported content integrations.

Pre-Trip Approval


Unique Pre-Trip Approval and notification workflows provide the flexibility to review 100% of bookings and act on those that are out of policy.

Intelligent Meetings

Full integration with meeting platforms such as Cvent and Lanyon. 


Work Fource Features

Branded and Flexible Fares

localized content

Modern User Experience

On the go expense

Powerful Mobile App

Global Capabilities


Automated Ticket Exchange


Pnr Editor

Dynamic Site Messaging


Robust Policy Engine

Split Ticketing


Proactive Check-in


To learn more read our Canada Fact Sheet here

Guided Help for Your Travelers and Admins

Booking and managing travel should be easy, but we all know: sometimes it’s not. If users need help, Deem HelpMe is there to guide them through, step-by-step right inside the platform.

Guided Travel help for admin users

HelpMe is a personalized guidance and training solution built into Deem’s Work Fource online booking and management tool - and now available for admin users. 

Deem GuideMe help for travelers.png

HelpMe alerts users of new features, simplifies the complexity in travel and provides additional guidance through the configuration experience. It walks them through navigation obstacles and unfamiliar areas. HelpMe is designed as a self-service tool, so administration users can make configuration updates in minutes.


HelpMe even learns and adapts as it goes! The tool analyses user behavior and identifies where users need help. HelpMe can offer smart tips and direction overlays. If a user wants to update the corporate policy, help menus point them in the right direction.

That’s it! There is nothing more they need to do.


Watch the Deem HelpMe Video 

Traveler Direct Assistance

Travelers will soon see the HelpMe guided help in their Deem Work Fource application. They will receive help from the beginning of their travel search, all the way to confirmation and managing their reservations. HelpMe alerts travelers of new features, things to look out for and updated policy guidelines. It walks them through navigation obstacles and unfamiliar areas. HelpMe is designed as a self-service tool, so travelers can complete their bookings faster and travel managers and agents receive fewer requests and complaints. 


Benefits of HelpMe:

  • Personalized and customized user experience guidance

  • Activated by the user: you only see it when you need it

  • Grow adoption and compliance

  • Easy set up and no cost

  • Usage insights

  • Lower service costs

  • Fewer complaints and hassles



corporate travel

Deem gives business travelers broad access to flights anywhere in the world their business takes them. With Deem flight capabilities it’s easy to book flights, make changes to existing itineraries and ensure all trips meet company policy.

Deem's access to hundreds of top airlines around the world gives business travelers a wide range of options for booking, even at the last minute.

Companies save money, employees save time and more business gets done. All Business. No Trip.


free eary bird checking on southwest

Access to free 24-hour auto check-in on Southwest Airlines, guaranteeing a 90% placement in A + B boarding.


Google’s ITA Search Engine 

Unparalleled air fare search provides more options, in a shorter time frame than GDS-only-based solutions. Dynamic sorting allows travelers to find their preferred option quickly.  


Access to inventory

Access to inventory from more than 700 leading airlines worldwide including major airline providers, low cost carriers, international carriers and content from Travel Fusion.

Branded and Flexible Fares

Travelers can easily view multiple fare categories, airline branded and promotional fares for each flight option, allowing them to compare prices and restrictions, and choose the fare with the best value and convenience.

Notification Engine

 Automatic notification of flight changes and cancellations via text or voicemail.

Automated Ticket Exchange 

A powerful tool that completely automates the use of unused tickets. 


a consumer simple interface 

a modern online booking and management system for desktop and mobile usage which offers content, policy, and approval workflow for travelers, travel managers and travel management companies.

linked cALENDAR

Automatic and dynamic calendar entries are created with every travel booking - accessible online and offline, via mobile, sharable and connected to an address book. Fully integrated with Exchange Server, LDAP, iCal and Google Calendar.

Travel hotel


Deem Work Fource gives business travelers access to hotel properties around the world. With Deem it’s easy to book rooms, make changes to existing reservations and ensure that each trip meets company policy. Pre-trip approval takes the uncertainty out of business travel so employees can focus on the business, not the trip.

Global Everywhere

Deem Work Fource is available in 15 a languages (and counting). Deem provides access to hundreds of accommodation options, and administrative tools that allow for easy configuration of local preferences. It doesn't matter where your travelers go, we've got them covered. 


TripAdvisor Reviews

Knowing what hotel to book is an important part of every business trip. Access TripAdvisor hotel reviews right alongside hotel content and you'll know you've booked the right one.
Intelligent Attach Desktop1.png

personalized hotel options

Deem’s Intelligent Attach for hotel is an artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that predicts preferred hotels for travelers based on history, preference, and +200 million real-time sentiment data points. Learn more.

More Hotels. Better Choices 

Deem’s strategic partnership with leading hotel booking providers such as for Business combined with multi-GDS travel platforms gives business travelers and travel organizers access to over one million active properties in +200 countries.


Deem car rental options get travelers where they need to go. Book car rental options in flow and apply policy to ensure compliance and cost savings.

Access to top vendors  

Deem works with the top 30 rental car vendors worldwide, including Enterprise Rent A Car, National, Alamo, Hertz and Budget.


Travelers can search and book car rental options right alongside their flight and hotel. No need to access a different system or wait for their ticket to be processed. They’ll have the entire trip booked and confirmed in minutes!

Direct billing

Connect your corporate account for direct billing with your negotiated rates.

Rail Everywhere

 Rail travel remains one of the most reliable, efficient modes of transportation for getting employees to the meetings that matter most.

Access to inventory

Integration with top rail service providers, such as SilveRrail provides thousands of options to fit every business trip. Travelers can book rail service in North America, Germany, France and the U.K.. If you’re travelers have business between London and Europes other main cities, they can book the Eurostar high-speed railway service right in Deem Work Fource.

International bookings

Access to rail service across North America and Europe.

  • UK Rail

  • VIA rail

  • Amtrak

  • SNCF

  • Deutsche Barn

  • Eurostar


Deem Facebook Messenger

Deem Facebook Messenger is a mission-achieving, right-when-you-need-it problem solving chatbot assistant built seamlessly into the Facebook Messenger platform.


1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month.

Once a traveler connects their Deem account to Facebook Messenger they can take their personal, always-on travel assistant with them everywhere they go.

Travelers own their itinerary from looking to booking, to stepping off the jet way, to arriving at their hotel. Deem’s Facebook Messenger capabilities allow travelers to master travel disruptions, stay on track with trip reservations and plan for whatever comes next. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.11.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.46.08 PM.png


All the functionality of Messenger, including speech recognition, automatic geolocation services for duty of care, mobile and desktop support are integrated and include company policies, preferred suppliers and negotiated rates.

Hotel Intelligent Attach is an artificial intelligence, machine learning platform that processes millions of data points including hotel reviews, traveler preferences and company policy to recommend customized and optimized hotel options for each individual traveler and their trip. Hotel Intelligent Attach helps your travelers book better hotels, faster – and all while maintaining company compliance and saving costs.

Current Traveler benefits

  • Flight status, flight change and check-in notification 
  • Expense receipt capture via camera 
  • Tap to connect with an agent

Coming Soon 

  • Local recommendations 
  • Travel disruption notifications 
  • Incident alerts 
  • Dining recommendations and reservations 
  • Airport terminal extras - including airport lounge access 
  • Priority boarding and seat upgrades 
  • Car Service and Ancillary Intelligent Attach

Deem Facebook Messenger is free. Once you turn it on and employees connect their profile, they have access to the growing list of features and functionality. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 2.46.08 PM.png

DEEM facebook messenger? 

Deem Intelligent Attach

Want to see for yourself?

Deem Intelligent attach helps corporations and TMCs significantly improve hotel attachment rates (the rates at which employees use company-compliant online booking tools to book hotels for business trips when booking flights).

Intelligent Attach Desktop

Improving attach rates helps companies effectively manage expenses, adhere to policies and maintain duty of care.   

Despite years of investment to improve attach rates, low attach rates of less than 50% continue to be a major stumbling block in corporations’ efforts to rein in business travel costs.

The travel booking process is still based on laborious manual research as employees scour the internet, examine numerous booking options and read reviews in an attempt to find the best hotel, flight or car service.

No longer!


The Future of Predictive Personalization 

Deem's team of travel experts, data scientists and engineers spent thousands of hours working on research, product development, partnerships, user testing and intense data analysis to build the first predictive personalization engine - Deem Intelligent Attach.

Deem Intelligent Attach utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze corporate and agency preferences, past traveler behavior, and employee profiles in addition to 200 million sentiments extracted from more than 60 million traveler reviews across more than 750,000 hotels. The platform then matches corporate travelers with preferred hotels by presenting optimized accommodations from either the GDS or

Benefits of using Intelligent Attach include:

  • Increased hotel conversion rates – initial deployments showed 16% higher hotel conversion rates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced time spent on booking site and lower cart abandonment (3 minutes vs. 45 minutes)
  • Increase in account creation by travelers
  • Access to robust user data
Facebook Messenger Lyft

This personalized booking experience provides travelers with a customized and effortless booking process. They see the preferred corporate, or agency hotels most likely to match their requirements, integrated in the booking flow. This which saves them time and encourages booking within the platform.

Deem Intelligent Attach cuts the average hotel booking time from 45 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

Traveler profiles are created automatically by accessing travelers’ and corporations’ past bookings and using this information to build their profiles. This provides travelers with a frictionless user experience. Profiles can also be created manually if no history exists. Profiles are improved over time using feedback, behavior tracking and machine learning capabilities.


Deem Open Expense

All Business. No Expense. Deem Open Expense integrates data from any expense platform. Deem Travel transactions flow automatically into the linked expense platform, providing a seamless user experience. Open integration allows for the application of all policy requirements and system settings.


Benefits of Deem Travel integration with a third-party Expense solution

  • Complete travel lifecycle management –search, book and reimburse

  • Seamless travel Itinerary and receipts flow from Deem Travel to third party expense solution

  • Automated creation of an expense report and attach trip details, receipts for approval

  • Notification – email and mobile for each step of the process


Integration workflow

  • User books travel using Deem platform

  • Deem creates an expense item for the travel itinerary in the expense report

  • The travel reservation receipts are attached and assigned to the report

  • User receives a notification (email, SMS) with a link to expense report

  • User is given the option to review and modify or submit it for approval


Pre-requisites for Integration

  • Availability of publicly exposed APIs from third party expense solution to create expense reports, attach receipts and submit reports for approval

  • Ability to query third party expense solution to query for status updates

  • Other alternative forms of data exchange via FTP, email etc.

  • Preferred integration approach utilizes publicly exposed APIs


Setup and Implementation

  • Client provides credentials to access third party expense solution via APIs

  • Deem works with client and expense vendor to setup appropriate privileges to perform required functions - create, update, submit reports

  • Customer authorization allowing Deem to work with third party expense vendor

  • Deem evaluates the effort to integrate and provides appropriate timelines.

  • Pilot period of two weeks for customer to test drive the integration and provide feedback

  • General availability of the integration to client employees upon acceptance