Deem U.S.

Deem’s global headquarters has offices in San Jose and Oakland.

Why you'll love working with Deem U.S.

Deem U.S. includes our global headquarters (HQ) in Oakland, CA and San Jose, CA. Our HQ is the gathering place for team members and customers from all locations to meet, brainstorm and plan. Deem U.S. is friendly, collaborative, and includes travel industry veterans and domain experts who are passionate about transforming travel. It is the home base for our executive leadership and corporate functions. Our HQ is also the hub for our product, agile practices, engineering, DevOps and cloud operations teams, who  develop our products  in a modern tech stack and implement the Google Cloud Platform.

M. Denman
The culture at Deem is amazing. There is an organic openness and welcoming of new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Michelle Denman, VP, People & Places
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Oakland, California
OfficeOffice Deemteamwork
“One of the reasons I love working at Deem is the people. They're smart, they're collaborative, and they all come together to make a great product.”
Garner Swann, Solutions Architect
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San Jose, California

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