Corporate Travel for Every. Body.

Everyone should be able to travel easily. And with Deem, they can. That’s because Deem was designed from the beginning with accessibility in mind.  

Whether a traveler lives with impaired vision or hearing, or even limited motor or cognitive functions, Deem delivers the information they need, in the way that they need it.

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Improve travel program adoption and gain full visibility on traveler activity through a single itinerary.


Vision impairments

Deem uses a color scheme that meets WCAG contrast guidelines, adjustable text size, and is easy to navigate using screen readers.

Hearing impairments

Travelers with hearing impairments or deafness can easily get visual and text-based support directly through the Deem app.

Motor impairments

Deem supports navigation through a keyboard, specialized switch, or other input devices, with clear indicators of what the focus is on.

Cognitive impairments

A clean, calm interface that incorporates system level settings allows Deem to cater to travelers with dyslexia or epilepsy.

Other cognitive conditions

Deem minimizes distractions by using simple, direct descriptions and alerts travelers of upcoming issues without becoming a distraction.

Accessibility and Why it Matters
Learn how to optimize your travel program for every traveler.

Winner: Best User Experience, 2022 American Business Awards

“It’s rare to see companies putting a huge effort on accessibility. This app, aside from looking great and easy to use for general users, seems to have amazing accessibility features. It has a great flow and [is] very straightforward, making it simple for users to use the app to achieve the result they’re looking for.”

– American Business Awards Judge

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