Etta Release Notes

Android Release

Release 2021.10

Single Sign On (SSO)
Customers that already have SSO enabled for mobile will be able to access Etta for Android via SSO. To activate SSO on Etta for Android, please contact Deem Customer Success or your TMC partner for assistance.

Hotel Name Search
Travelers can now search for a hotel by name.

Credit Card Search
Travelers can now search for a credit card in the checkout process by typing the card name or last digits of the card.

Pre-search Custom Fields
Travelers only have to fill in the pre-search custom fields once per trip instead of on every search page.

Design Updates
We've made some design updates to the calendar view, flight details page, and to selected filters.

  • Days of the week have been added to the calendar view.
  • Flight fare cards are now displayed in increasing price order.
  • Selected filters are now shown at the top of the list in the filter screens.