Etta Release Notes

Android Release

Release 2021.11

Air SafetyCheck
Travelers will be ready for any airline policy to keep their trip running smooth. With Air SafetyCheck on mobile, travelers have access to airline-specific safety information including mask requirements, blocked seats, capacity cap, and more.

Neighborhood SafetyCheck with Covid-19 Data
Travelers can find a safe neighborhood to ensure a great trip, even when they’re resting. Neighborhood SafetyCheck provides detailed location summary pages showing property locations, overall safety assessment scores in seven safety categories, and the number of new daily Covid-19 cases broken down by county, state, and country.

Travelfusion Booking
Travelers have access to global low-cost carriers through Travelfusion

Single One-Time Payment Card Option
Travelers can use a credit card for a one-time only transaction - without saving the credit card to their profile.

Post Booking Seat Change
Travelers can change their seat selection even after the trip is already booked (when cost allocation is not enabled).

Redress and Known Traveler Number
Redress and KTN have been added in the traveler profile.

Duplicate Trip
Travelers will see a message informing them about duplicate trips or conflict with trip dates that are already booked.