Etta Release Notes

Android Release

Release 2022.3

Gender Marker Update
Travelers will now be presented with new gender marker options in the purchase page in the booking flow. With this update, travelers can see Mx. in the title dropdown list and non-binary/unspecified (x) in the gender dropdown list. The new gender marker option provides travelers and agencies consistency across travel documentation, TSA, and passport requirements.

Hybrid Car Rental Icon
The hybrid icon has been added to the car rental experience on Android. The hybrid icon is displayed on the car rental search results, car rental detail, review trip car rental detail, and on the post booking car rental detail screens. Travelers will also be able to filter by hybrid fuel type.

Fare Forfeiture Price
The fare forfeiture price is now shown in the Trip Cost Summary and Payment Summary screens

Flight Card Update
Layover information will now be shown in the flight card in the search results and in the flight detail view