Etta Release Notes

Android Release

Release 2023.4

Support Screen
Travelers can access new Help Center support articles for detailed information.

Cancel Trip Screen
The Cancel Trip screen now includes links to fare rules, hotel room rate details, and car rental rules.

TSA Prohibited Items
Travelers will be presented with details regarding TSA prohibited items and a traveler acknowledgement screen when adding a flight to an itinerary.

Booking Not Allowed
A booking not allowed screen will be displayed when travelers select an out of policy flight, based on a site’s display configuration.

Trip Name Change (Post Booking)
Travelers will be able to update their trip name and provide other details before and after booking.

Traveler Email Addresses
Travel arrangers can quickly locate an accurate email address when entering delegate mode.

Trip Planner Calendar
The trip planner calendar has been updated to show only permissible dates that are within the GDS limit.