Etta Release Notes

Android Release

Release 2023.7

Hotel Error Messaging
Messaging for hotel-only booking errors have been added, allowing travelers to continue to search for a different hotel or to start the search again.

Block Basic Economy
Travelers will see enhanced messaging when they select a fare that is not available due to their company’s site configuration.

Operated Airline Name
Operated by Airline is displayed on the search result cards.

Automated Ticket Exchange for Return/Next Flight
After a trip starts (outbound flight), travelers will be able to make changes to their next or return flight.

Trip Alignment
If a traveler changes the date of the flight, they will be alerted that any associated car or hotel bookings are no longer aligned. Travelers will have the option to update car and hotel reservations to accommodate new flight dates.

New User
When a new user logs in using Android for the first time, they will be redirected to Classic Deem for new account registration.