Case Study: CT100 Global Technology Company

Silicon Valley, CA

The situation

This influential global technology enterprise, with more than 100,000 employees and billions of devices around the world, needed solutions to streamline and manage a complicated, resource-intensive global travel program. Rather than the 15 disparate sites it had, it wanted just one site for both employee and non-employee travel that reflects the trendsetting aesthetics and innovation standards it sets with its own products. And it needed robust security controls to protect employee information.  Unfortunately, its vendor of 10 years couldn’t meet its innovation, agility, branding, customization and security requirements.

The solution

Deem first partnered with the company to understand both its business and traveler pain points. Working together, we restructured its CTD-based travel program for maximum efficiency, including both its architecture and design. Because security coupled with PCI, SOC 2, and privacy (GDPR and CCPA) compliance is critical, Deem proactively partnered with the company’s team of information security specialists. Their assessment was completed within 30 days and verified with a high degree of confidence that our systems are secure from potential threats and vulnerabilities. The company knew that Deem’s culture places a high value on building partnerships and innovation, and that we’re working on a next-generation, mobile-first platform. Our collaboration resulted in a customized solution today, and a mobile roadmap that integrated the customers’ needs as it was developed.

The details

  • One site for all global travel that includes traveler segmentation, customizable dynamic messaging, and pre-trip approval
  • Simple site administration and increased flexibility when creating new permissions that address changing travel conditions in the world
  • A cleaner, more cohesive UI with nearby airports included in search, leading to higher traveler satisfaction
  • Improved branded fares shopping that helps travelers make more cost-effective choices and increases cost savings
  • Online changes and cancellations, which reduces support calls and increasing OBT adoption
  • A best-in-industry, mobile-first solution

The results

Its booking experience is now easy, private and secure, and offers the localized configurations, content, policies and aesthetics required in a single site. Deem continues to support this company by curating information to help anticipate changes in the travel industry. We also provide access to data for better decision making, training resources, and ongoing support.

“Our vision for the future of travel aligned perfectly with Deem.”

Senior executive